Charles Leclerc: Change of mood in Formula 1, from howl in France to an optimistic smile in Hungary

Charles Leclerc: Change of mood in Formula 1, from howl in France to an optimistic smile in Hungary

Charles Leclerc smile again. After a fault in the circuit of Paul Ricard When he . was the leader of French GP and the subsequent loss of points due to abandonment, the Monegasque Ferrari driver excited to reduce the distance it takes him Max Verstappen (Red Bull) tops the drivers’ championship standings. From that withered scream after hitting containment tires, Leclerc had the best of the free trials Hungarian GP, on the Hungering Circuit. And face the weekend with another hope. This will be the last race in the Queen category before the summer break.

Leclerc’s cry is still echoed when he crashed in France last Sunday and lost all options for points. “It was throttle again! No, Everything was heard on the radio and it was cold. He had to run from the pits at the end of the race, with all the anger not being able to sign with valuable points on the weekend’s work, crucial to competing against the current world champion, Dutch Verstappen, who will win the race in the end, Leclerc is used to motorsport’s disappointments and venting his frustrations. In 2019, on the layout of Baku (Azerbaijan), Leclerc began another cry, almost self-flagellated: “I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot. I messed it all up, sorry.”, He was having one of the best times in the qualifying test. And, like a few days ago, at Paul Ricard, one mistake ruined everything.

Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari in full force during practice at the Hungarian Circuit, the venue of the Hungarian GP
Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari in full force during practice at the Hungarian Circuit, the venue of the Hungarian GPAttila Kisbenedek – AFP

But on a sunny Hungarian afternoon her face changed, The Ferrari driver put that frustration behind and moved on. He knows he still has a chance and needs to go on summer vacation which will start next week with good feelings. Recharging your batteries for the next four weeks will help you face the final sprint of the season with renewed energy. You can’t afford more mistakes. Verstappen is an old sea dog who will take advantage of every advantage the Ferrari driver gives him. The 63-point advantage they have is a great cushion for the title defence.

On the slow track of Hungering, for now, red car was the fastest, Leclerc grabbed the stopwatch in a time of 1′18″445 and even bettered the point set by his teammate, the Spaniard. carlos sanzo, in the first round of practice. Before heading to the track in Hungary, Leclerc exuded optimism and indicated that what happened in France was just a memory. “Some people may think I am crazy and I know it will be difficult, but I am going to fight for the title till the end because anything is possible,” said the Ferrari driver.

Friday best practices in Hungary

“I was sad on a Sunday afternoon and I could not sleep”, said 24-year-old Monegasque. And he added: “It’s not easy to deal with these situations”But on Monday I was able to turn the page and focus on this race, in which I would give 110 percent to win”, he promised. And he explained the accident to Paul Ricard: “The game is open and although I made life a bit complicated last weekend, I believe mistake is when one goes to great lengthsThen, and before hitting the accelerator for the first time on the Hungarian circuit, Leclerc issued a warning to those who thought he could not win in Hungary: “The pace of the race (in France) was good and it was definitely Hungarian.” I would also be good because since I’ve been in Formula 1, this machine is the most competitive I’ve driven. It is the most solid and has shown it in all circuits. Here at Hungering I think it would be too,

The truth is that there is an intruder behind him. McLaren (Lando Norris). was the third sanzo And he only appeared in fourth place Verstappen, Is this a sign of lack of momentum at Red Bull? It’s too early to tell, especially since The climatic conditions of this Friday (Sun) will be repeated neither on Saturday (Rainy) nor on Sunday. Thus, partial results can be misleading. Yes, it’s clear that on an emotional level It seems that what happened in France did not affect Leclerc.

second session on friday

Verstappen on Thursday referred to Leclerc’s transmission of emotions after his mistake in France. both are great contemporary rivals And they know each other from karting. “Everyone handles that (feelings) differently. Some people need to reflect. Still a little emotional about what happened at that time and maybe even very sensitive. But that’s okay, people should be sensitive and show their feelings”, Verstappen told the Associated Press agency. And he said on Leclerc’s talent: “There is no question about his overall performance and his speed. He is an naturally skilled driver and it is always something to be admired. There is no need to search for hundreds of hours of data. These pilots already stood out when they were younger. They just have a spare compared to the others.” Hungary another Verstappen Vs. Leclerc, the classic of the 2022 F1 season.