Chat Lock: WhatsApp has launched a new function to hide certain chats with a secret code | Science and Technology

 Chat Lock: WhatsApp has launched a new function to hide certain chats with a secret code |  Science and Technology

WhatsApp now allows you to hide specific conversations and unlock them with a password, fingerprint or face recognition.

This week, WhatsApp started rolling out a new feature that will allow users Hide specific chats with a secret code, fingerprint or Face ID it’s about the tool Chat Lock.

With this update, Meta intends to provide more privacy in the messaging app, especially in terms of conversation.

Now, with Chat Lock, Users can save chats in a folder that appears above the archived chatswhich can be accessed using a password or biometric data registered on the phone.

The option is now available in the latest app update on Android and iOS and the platform reflects that Other features will be added gradually such as adding this feature to paired devices.

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According to the official WhatsApp website, the option appears as “block chat”, which is not the same as blocking a contact. The chat is only hidden in the folder, but you will receive messages.

This is how Chat Lock works

If chats are blocked, contact and notification content is hidden. The notification will say the following: WhatsApp: 1 new message.

To maintain the privacy of media files, you need to open the chat and save the file in the gallery on the phone.

Group chats and muted chats can also be blocked. Calls are not blocked. If you receive a call from an individual or group chat, it will still be visible.

If you turn on chat blocking from your phone, only chats on that phone will be blocked. If you have other devices linked to WhatsApp, such as a computer, chats will not be blocked on them (now).

If you use the backup and restore feature of WhatsApp, your locked chats will stay that way once the restore is completed on a new phone.

To access your locked chats, you must first configure device authentication (fingerprint or Face ID).

If you have activated chat blocking, the person you are chatting with does not know that you have blocked the conversation.

If you want to block an archived chat, you need to unarchive it first and then block it.

If you set a secret code to lock your chats, You can choose to hide your locked chats folder so it’s only visible when you type your code search bar secret.