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CHAT shows that Deputy Lixa (PAN) interacted with “Alito” … “even a truck drove him”

The PAN deputy is a member of the commission in charge of analyzing the impeachment of the national president of the PRI.

Mexico City, December 13 (however).- The Governor of Campeche Leda Sansores exposed in their program”Jaguar Tuesday One series of cats where they are read Conversations in the middle alejandro moreno cardenasleader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), a character known as pablo why Joseph Elijah West Abimerhiwho was a federal deputy of the National Action Party (PAN) for Yucatán in the LXIV Legislature from 2018 to 2021.

Lixa Abimerhi is currently a federal deputy in the LXV Legislature which began on August 29, 2021 and will end on July 31, 2024. He is one of the members of the commission that will analyze the violations of “Alito”, as is the famous Alejandro Moreno.

In the aired conversation, glimpses of an alleged bribery (VAN) can be seen in exchange for some agreements.

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Below is the full conversation that aired on the “Jaguar Tuesdays” program.

The Conversation December 11, 2020

Alito: Come on

Pablo: Tomorrow I will talk to Lixa who is already thundering. It is not expected until the day after tomorrow, that once and for all.

Alito: Great, let him handle it, I continue to handle everything very well. to hug.

Pablo: Right boss! Everything will be fine, Marco asks Lixa to help him with his re-election. Marco wants you to help him! I am reporting that if the court stays the INE agreement, we will not hold the session on 15th, the session will be postponed.

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The Conversation December 12, 2020

Alito: You have to be careful, check everything judicially and legally, we can’t fault everybody there.

Pablo: I’m on it, Boss. yesterday i talked to lixa i told him talk to that bastard in campeche and tell him there is no way and he has already decided he will tell me he showed me the message with him where he says that You’ve already closed the door here in Mexico.

Alito: I hope everything is fine, that Lixa is just a story, they just want to buy time, you can’t do it with those panistas. I already caught them in the act of pressing and seeing what they get. very bad. Lixa doesn’t operate or dick.

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Alito: But hey, here we go. See you in the week.

Pablo: If he doesn’t obey, I’ll break his mother, he’ll find me, not me. Tomorrow I will travel to Merida to see it.

Alito: No, wait, calm down, okay. we talked. I will reach Mexico on Sunday and will let you know.

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Pablo: But I’m not Lixa’s ass, she has to obey.

Alito: Just text him how he’s doing, what he’s doing.

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Pablo: I talked to him and he told me, I guarantee he’ll comply before the middle of the week I think. Arrived in Mexico on Monday. He agreed to go to CEN. I doubt he has the balls to play ass.

Alito: We’re in touch.

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Pablo: I’ll take care of it, I told him, I’m not going to sit you down with AMC if it’s not serious and he gave me his word. I will take care of it, I will not let you fail in it.

Alito: They just want to buy time and then impose, so they want to expand.

Pablo: It’s not easy, but he’s going to do it.

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Pablo: I’ll make sure he complies, he promised to ask me for a truck too. I make sure it complies. This is my subject.

Alito: Very well, ready, take care.

Paul: All right. I talked to Lixa, let me know when I can call you.

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The Conversation December 14, 2020

Alito: And strengthen the deal with PAN.

Pablo: Yesterday in the budget opinion commission he asked me to go in favor of PRI and said that tomorrow he will speak in front of me and he is playing on this side, don’t hesitate. He told me that he was not going to do oral sex, that he was pushing. Tomorrow Lixa will arrive in Mexico, I won’t let her go until she does her job.

Alito: Well, that’s all, since we’ve already fixed it, I’ll take a look at it now.

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Conversion of December 15, 2020

Pablo: Well, he told me that he called her and left a message for her. The court has already resolved, canceling the INE agreement. It obliges political parties to nominate 7 women, but they are not required to contribute to the CPN tomorrow. CNP is canceled tomorrow.

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