Tuesday, May 30, 2023

ChatGPT has been my therapist this week and the most valuable advice my friend ever gave me

Do you remember when the chat therapy service started during the pandemic? At what point in time have we not yet found out that he abused his employees and eventually needed medical attention as well… how long did this go on?, a week?

What brings me here today is that one morning the writing meeting was going well and we decided to do a test with me as the guinea pig: I was going to try Chat GPT, which as a therapist Knows something and then writes about it. Needless to say, even more so as a user of mental health professionals that this is nothing more than a joke and that there is no science behind it, but it is curious how it gives obvious answers that sometimes we cannot see.

Starting point

Beautiful song by Rocio Jurado. The first thing I asked my favorite artificial intelligence, almost as famous as Victoria Federica who dyed her eyebrows pink, was the following:

And hey, he was honest, we have to say. not crush worthy here His affection, as ai artificial intelligence, The next step was obvious: Ask When did you feel you should seek medical attention?,

And hey, pretty accurate, 10/10, I finished them all when I started. With this alone, he has already earned the honor of being called the Machine by David Bisbal (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Knowing boundaries and saying no

Building on the above, I upped the intensity level for one more day. One of my favorite real problems and one of the first I explored with my psychologist: setting limits and knowing how to say no in all aspects of my life, something that particularly struck me. professional, And what does artificial intelligence have to say about it? Because choosing your next getaway is one thing and solving deeper issues is another.

Maybe it’s a little turra? well maybe yes but no lack of reason In her affirmation, because that’s basically pretty much all a friend can tell us when we release all the drama in the world for her. The evolution of “don’t scratch yourself Auntie” is what we needed many times.

But of course, as popular as pink is this year, one of the trending colors for this spring-summer, there is no way in the world. Not all sewing and singing so I saw it needed to be given a little more sugaring and it ended very nice brooch: “Your boss can appreciate your ability to set healthy boundaries and respect your desire to strike a fair balance.” Haha no, what happened? My dear, don’t you think that if I had thought about the person who was my best, I would have picked him up instead of crying and crying in bed every day? So let me tell you that this is your opinion.

Own demand

The shadow of the cypress lengthens and that of the impostor syndrome, thus, also in the feminine: a degree, a master’s degree, a specialist course, English, two diplomas, professional experience … But in general, what am I going to know? I? Yes, it has happened to you too and ChatGPT thinks so.

That, as before, I complied with all this? Well, yes, it seems that he is talking about a person a marketing study in the second part? Well, I’m not even going to deny it, but he’s already told me that he has no feelings, just like any of your pre-teens.

Okay, and on top of that, it’s finally half over, but it’s just that he has to go for a glass of water, what can we do? This is probably the first time this has happened to him.


You may not understand this, but for me it has been the biggest symbols of change during my therapy With my actual psychologist, not ChatGPT, that we better leave it to write three alternate endings. the serranos,

Ever since I was little I have felt an irrational fear of dogs: none had ever done anything to me, but I loved to run after them. It’s not literal, but it’s happening multiple times. However, since I started therapy and became aware of my various problems, miraculously (no it didn’t, I was reflecting, sharing my experiences and paying for sessions) things changed. started, because they always look so cute

The conclusion I’ve come to, although I don’t think it’s the only motivation, is that to a large extent this fear was for some reason lack of control over the situation The dog is an animal and does not know how it will react at all times. ChatGPT told me this:

conclusion? Well, even though his reasoning is close to theory and he remembers everything through code, it is just to pass the time, because even though it is built by a team of people, ChatGPT is a machine and when when it comes to mental health, It is necessary to connect with the one who is going to help you,

Anyone could have known this from the beginning, but perhaps we have to look globally to know that yes, this type of technology can change the way we tell stories, but the spark, the sparkle in the eye that Lola Flores talks about spoke if you will, it doesn’t go along with a set of numbers.

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