Check special public transportation schedules and stops

Check special public transportation schedules and stops

One day after starting cancun carnival 2024 We share with you the special schedules and stops of public transport that will be designated for these days 9 to 13 February In whose days the presentations of the people of Cancún took place Grupo Canaveral, Los Illegals, Merenglas, La Tracalosa de Monterrey and Los Super Llamas.

Through the official accounts of the Cancún authorities, it was announced that in this 2024 Carnival, the public transportation schedule was extended to 02:00 in the morning, with destinations and routes as follows:

ADO Location:

  • ruta 5
  • ruta 6
  • ruta 17
  • ruta 26
  • ruta 28
  • Ruta 95-96
  • Ruta 237
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Location of Koba Avenue opposite IMSS:

Where will the Cancún Carnival 2024 be held?

It is noteworthy that the Cancún Carnival 2024 will be celebrated for six days with what is expected to be a night of revelry, dancing, live music, parades and a great family atmosphere on the esplanade of the “Plaza de la Reforma”. From 5:30 pm. of 9 February,

Similarly, Municipal President Ana Patty Peralta also indicated that Sand will present 33 troupes with approximately 1,500 dancers Who will present their show.


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