Check with your RUT if you receive this contribution that provides $421 thousand

Check with your RUT if you receive this contribution that provides $421 thousand - En Cancha

The homeownership bonus is one of several subsidies provided by Chile’s Seguridades y Oportunidades to the country’s most vulnerable families, according to the Social Registry of Families.

Through this contribution, which is distributed over two years, you will be able to receive $21,823 for the first six months; 7 to 12 months $16,608; $11,419 from 13th to 18th and $20,328 from 19th to 24th, a total of $421,068.

Since there is no application for this contribution, it will be enough for you to fulfill a single requirement to receive it, a maximum period of 6 months if it is collected in person or if it is through bank transfer. If yes then she must be 18 months old.

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Find out from your RUT if you get the Home Owner Bonus

To find out if you receive a Home Owner Bonus, just follow these simple steps:

The website will automatically let you know if there is a payment linked to your identity. If yes, you will be able to know both the benefit date and payment method.

What requirements do I need to meet to receive the Home Owner Bonus?

People who have agreed to participate in one of the Chilean Seguridades y Oportunidades programs, i.e. Abriendo Camino, Familias, Calle or Vinculos, can receive this benefit.

This is done by signing the commitment letter and intervention plan which the Ministry of Social Development and Family will deliver to the beneficiary individual or family.

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How to recognize the fee to receive up to $20 thousand per month?

Family allowance provides varying amounts depending on the beneficiary’s salary as well as recognized reasons.

This benefit given by the President can be for life: Check who can request it

Gracia Pension offers different amounts depending on each case.

This is the date on which the $100,000 heating subsidy can be paid

The purpose of this benefit is to provide assistance to households facing increased expenses arising from heating their homes in winter.


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