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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Chhattisgarh Attack: The jawan told the pregnant wife- Promise was there … I will come soon, but I am wrapped in the tricolor

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Varanasi: There has been silence in the Thekha village of Chandauli since Sunday night. Even at night, some of the voices that were falling on the silence were falling on the ears of the people. These Karun voices were coming from Veer Jawan’s house. The painful screams of the young Dharamdev Kumar’s wife were shaking people. Ever since the pregnant wife had heard that her world had become colorless, tears were not coming from her eyes.

Chandauli jawan Dharmadev Kumar (32 years) was also martyred in a Naxalite attack in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. His wife is 7 months pregnant. Dharmadev came on Holi. Then the wife said come early. Actually his wife Meena wanted that the husband and wife would live together after the delivery. Celebrate the happiness of the visiting guests with. Wife had asked- when will you come again. Dharmadev’s answer was- will come soon. But on Sunday, his wife fell on hearing the news of his martyrdom.

After the news of her husband’s martyrdom, Meena is now crying, remembering those last words of Dharmadev. The relatives are explaining, but they are not able to understand anything now. Weeds have spread throughout the village. The promising son of the village faced the Maoists with Jabanji till his last breath and eventually became a martyr while paying off the debt of Watan. Just the sounds of cheering are echoing from Dharamdev Kumar’s house. These voices rip through the silence of the entire village. The stoves are not burning in the houses

Mother’s tears are not stopping

The tears of the martyr Dharmadev’s mother Krishnavati are not stopping. The women of Asparados are trying to bind them, but their heart also knows that it is not impossible to reduce the pain that is passing on this mother. Son came home on Holi. Mother used to think why this day is passing so fast. The son has just arrived tomorrow. It was time for him to leave. The mother was busy in giving up her love and love and the son’s vacation was over. Mother also said with a heavy heart, tears, come soon son. But what did anyone know that their brave son would come soon, but clinging to the tricolor.

Daughters are asking what has happened to father?

Shaheed Dharmadev has two daughters. One is 8 years old and the other is 5 years old. A 5-year-old Witness repeatedly asks her mother what has happened to Papa. Every time the mother listens to this question, she becomes speechless and is trying to tell from her tears and this deep wound that the shadow of the father has now risen from her head. Now waiting for the arrival of the body of Dharamvir.


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