Chicago Bears contacts at least 17 coaching and grandmaster candidates

  The NFL began a new cycle of layoffs and hires.  Here's the latest on how the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins are making changes.

Chicago Bears Contacts At Least 17 Coaching And Grandmaster Candidates

Change is in the air. Black Monday came to the NFL the day after the end of the regular season, when a flurry of major changes began in the league.

As the new cycle of layoffs and hires continues, we track all recent movements.


The Chicago Bears’ list of requested interviews has reached a minimum of 8 general manager candidates and 9 coaching candidates.

Scoop: Recently fired Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores has become a big name appearing on a long list of candidates the Bears contacted for interviews.

The NFL Network reported The Bears arranged an interview with Flores, who played 24-25 games in three seasons at the Dolphins. His last two seasons have been victorious, but the Dolphins have not made the playoffs.

Other coaching candidates reportedly requested are:

Former Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith is one of the biggest names expected to interview the Bears. Here is a list of others:

The New York Giants fired coach Joe Judge after two seasons.

Scoop: During his first tenure as head coach in the NFL, 40-year-old Judge scored 10-23, including 4-13 in 2021. Without quarterback Daniel Jones, the Giants have lost their last six games to an aggregate score of 163-56. After a 29-3 defeat to the Bears in Week 17, Judge defended his team for 11 minutes while talking to the media.

This is the Giants’ second major move in two days after general manager Dave Gettleman announced his departure on Monday. Seven NFL head coach positions have been opened since Judge’s firing.

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The Chicago Bears fired general manager Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy.

Scoop: Pace was eliminated for Chicago after seven seasons, during which his teams ran 48-65, qualified twice in the playoffs and failed to win the playoffs. In his first NFL coaching career, Nagy finished 34-31, losing two playoffs in four seasons.

The Bears never found the perfect match between Nagi and the quarterback during his tenure, going through Mitch Trubiski, Nick Fowles, Andy Dalton and Justin Fields. Nagy’s attack is stuck in the bottom third of the league in many categories. The Bears have finished 6-11 this season.

According to a league source, the Bears contacted former Eagles coach Doug Pederson to schedule an interview for the head coach position. The ESPN post also indicated that the Bears have requested permission to interview Buffalo Bills Defense Coordinator Leslie Fraser for the job. The team, according to the NFL Network, also asked to speak with the director of Colts College, Morocco’s intelligence agency Brown, to open GM.

Minnesota Vikings fired general manager Rick Spielman and trainer Mike Zimmer.

Scoop: Spielman has been with Vikings since 2006, first as VP of Human Resources and then as General Manager since 2012. During this time, the Vikings advanced 132–123–2, reaching the playoffs six times.

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Zimmer, a longtime NFL Defense Coordinator, became the head coach of the Vikings in 2014. He spent three seasons with 10 or more wins, three playoffs and two playoffs. The Vikings finished 8-9 after defeating the bears on Sunday.

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has announced his retirement after four seasons in the role.

Scoop: In 2018, Gettleman became general manager of the organization where he worked in the front office 13 years ago. But his efforts to resuscitate the franchise have failed, with the Giants having their worst four-year losing streak in team history.

The Giants went 19-46 under the supervision of Gettleman, including a 4-13 faceplan this season, during which offense came in last in the NFC in both total yards and scoring. Gettleman announced his retirement on Monday but might have been fired if he hadn’t. Coach Joe Judge’s future remains uncertain and may depend on what happens with their active quest for GM.

Miami Dolphins fired coach Brian Flores after three seasons.

Scoop: Flores was fired in his third season despite winning straight seasons. The Dolphins were 5-11 in his first year, 10-6 in 2020, and 9-8 this season, but they didn’t make it to the playoffs.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross released a statement saying that he “determined that the core dynamics of our football organization were not working at the level I want and felt that the decision was in the Miami Dolphins’ best interest.” As reported by ESPN, General Manager Chris Grier will remain on the team in his current position.

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The Denver Broncos fired head coach Vic Fangio after three seasons.

Scoop: Fangio did not record a winning season of three at Denver. He finished 19-30 in his first job as an NFL head coach, including 7-10 this season. Fangio, 63, served as Defense Coordinator in the NFL for 19 seasons, including four in Chicago, before joining the Broncos in 2019.

Fangio’s defense has made it to the top 10 in yards and points this season. But the Broncos’ offense has not been good enough under the leadership of Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Locke, the last on Denver’s ever-changing list of quarterbacks in recent years.

Dec January 30. 7

The Jaguars have conducted at least five interviews to replace Urban Meyer.

Scoop: The Jaguars fired Urban Meyer on December 16 after just 13 games with the team.

The team is already deep in their search for a replacement, reportedly interviewing former Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson, former Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense coordinator Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich; and Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen. Moore.

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