Chickasaw Princess Hoka to be depicted in Mississippi mural

OXFORD, Miss. ( Associated Press) — Work has begun on the most recent outdoor mural in Oxford.

Artist Anna Murphy has begun the painting of Princess Hoka, a Chickasaw woman who once owned the land that is now the City of Oxford, The Oxford Eagle reported.

Murphy worked closely with members of the Oklahoma-based Chickasaw Nation to ensure the accuracy of the design, including the facial features, jewelry, and clothing depicted, the newspaper reported. The flora and fauna in the design are native to the area, and the animals featured hold special meaning to the Chickasaw Nation.

Members of the Chickasaw Nation traveled to Oxford to bless the wall and those involved in the process before painting began.

“Anna’s talent and ability to paint hyper realistic large scale murals is incredible,” said Earl Dismuke, a Mississippi artist who has been working with Murphy since 2019 on the design of the mural. “I am thankful we live in a city where public officials and members of the community embrace opportunities like this one.”

Murphy, a visual artist living in Chicago, has been painting murals since 2016. Her mother Paula Murphy, also an artist, assists in the painting, the newspaper reported.

The downtown mural will be 1,600 square feet, the newspaper reported. “Princess Hoka” will be painted in Murphy’s signature blue and white, similar to porcelain china, on a background of gold.

The mural will take about four to six weeks to complete.

Those involved in the project say members of the public are invited to stop by and meet the artist during the process of creating the mural.

Business owner Helen Overstreet of Mike Overstreet Properties LLC commissioned the artwork.



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