Child molester who exploited a child fell in America in Colombia

Child molester who exploited a child fell in America in Colombia

In the past few hours a former American police officer was captured on charges of being responsible for the crimes of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.

The action was made possible after a year-long joint investigation between the National Police, the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Homeland Security Investigations, HSI, and the Attorney General’s Office.

During this time, authorities pursued this man, who was suspected of committing criminal acts against children and teenagers.

Who is the pedophile caught for sexually abusing a child?

This is a North American citizen who was a special agent of the New York Police Department’s SWAT group, who apparently contacted a foreign national living in Colombia to obtain sexual videos of a minor.

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According to the investigation, the woman sold him sexually explicit videos of her 22-month-old daughter and, sometimes, with zoophilic acts.

During the arrest and search process conducted in New York, authorities found nine firearms, two computers and two cell phones, from which 27 videos and 48 images containing sexually explicit material of a minor were extracted.

The pedophile also had a DVR, which is being analyzed by (HSI) investigators to determine if there are other victims, as there is a kindergarten two blocks from the victim’s home.

For its part, the mother of the minor victim of this crime was captured by the National Police in 2023, when 72 arrests were made for the crime of child pornography. The woman was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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Thanks to his arrest, investigators managed to establish links between two criminal actors, including the American, to expose their criminal actions and protect the rights of the girl.


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