Childhood respiratory infections are on the rise

Childhood respiratory infections are on the rise

Child consultations have received more in recent weeks cases of respiratory infections, paintings typical of the time of year. There is an increase in this type of pathology although, as highlighted by Public Health, The flu is still below the epidemic threshold.

Teresa Cenarro, vice president of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics and pediatrician at the Sagasta health center in Zaragoza, explained that “the circulation of respiratory viruses has increased,” despite the fact that fewer cases were treated this week than in last week last three. Mainly, he said, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), but “fortunately those who were vaccinated with the antibody were not affected, in general, or very little.”

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Within a few weeks, Aragon vaccinated bbabies up to six months and babies up to two years at high risk of severe disease with the monoclonal antibody nirsevimab from Sanofi and Astra Zeneca to prevent VRS. The goal is to prevent cases of bronchiolitis and pneumonia and reduce the risk of admission and serious illness. “The current coverage is almost 95%, so all the children left to be vaccinated are those who have not been born between now and March 31,” said Nuria Gayán, director general of Public Health, who thanked “active capture” which is made from Neonatology services and from health centers. 5,263 doses have been administered.

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For Elena Javierre, president of the Aragonese Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, cases of “tonsillitis caused by streptococcus, many symptoms of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis…”. In Pediatrics, tests to detect covid are not indicated, except for children with risk factors. RSV is mainly and this year, after the vaccination of infants, It mainly affects children from 5 years old. So far, no worrisome incidence of respiratory infection among minors has been found.