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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chile approves emergency use of China’s Covid vaccine, orders 60 million doseKs

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The world is still struggling with an epidemic like Coronavirus and Vaccination campaign has started in many countries. Meanwhile, Chile has approved the Chinese vaccine. The Public Health Institute of Chile (ISP) here on Wednesday approved the emergency use of the CoronaVac vaccine. This vaccine has been prepared by China-based biopharmaceutical company Synovac against Corona virus infection.

ISP Executive Director HarryBerto Grescia has said that the decision regarding the vaccine has been taken based on its manufacturing quality and the strain developed in the vaccine manufacture. Chinese media company Xinhua quoted Gracia as saying, “We have taken this decision based on the manufacturing quality of the vaccine and the strain developed in the manufacture of the vaccine.” We are approving safe and effective vaccine for our citizens.

60 million doses ordered

Gracia further said that this vaccine reduces the chances of the disease becoming serious and the patient is hospitalized. Talking about corona virus cases in Chile, so far there have been a total of 680,740 cases of Covid-19 and so far 17,594 patients have died. The clinical trial for the third phase of the Synovac vaccine is currently underway here and there are reports that 6 crore doses of the vaccine have been ordered.

Approval in these countries also

This vaccine from China’s Synovac company has also been approved in Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia. Apart from China, vaccination campaign against infection is going on in many other countries including USA, UK, India and Canada. But despite vaccination in countries like America and Britain, there is no decrease in new cases of infection and the number of dead. Also, new strains of the virus are being detected in many countries of the world.

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