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Chile: Rejection won and Pinochet Constitution rules | President Borik said he was committed to promoting a new constitutional process

from Santiago

And this chilean people did not accept new constitution Which would come to replace the one in the 1980s that was drafted into a complete dictatorship. With 100% tables count, “Rejection” wins compared to 38.1% from 61.9% “I approve”, The polls had predicted victory for the right wing, but not with such a comfortable figure. A few hours earlier, with barely 23% of the tables count, they were already celebrating in command of “rejection” – including the right, but also figures from the Christian Democrats – shouting the Chilean flag and singing the national anthem. . The atmosphere in command of “I accept”, and the Left unifying the constitutional convention that drafted the new constitution, was not one of the best. Something similar happened to the Citizens Party with 300 thousand people last Thursday during the conclusion of the campaign.

Boric promises new ingredient process

“Institutions work in Chile. It’s September 4thChile’s democracy strengthened (…) Efforts made will not go in vain, because that is how countries make the best of it, learn from experiences and rediscover their tracks to discover new routes. The people of Chile were not satisfied with the proposed constitution. This decision requires our institutions and political actors Let’s work with more dialogueMore effort, respect and affection,” he said on a national network.

“You have to listen to the voices of the people, not only on this day but everything that has happened in these past intense years that we have lived. Let’s not forget why we are here. That malaise is still latent and we cannot ignore it. can”, he added, apart from highlighting the The Left Must Be Self-Critical and meet these needs of the Chilean people “I promise to work with Congress and civil society to create a new lesson” Which explains most of the citizens”.

First tomorrow morning he will meet with the Chamber of Deputies and Senators to move quickly, as well as a round of talks to collect proposals from various sectors for a new constitutional process, to avoid as much uncertainty as possible. and build “a new Chile” to heal the “deep wounds”, as it did with the return to democracy in 1988. “We will do it again, I have no doubt about it. And we won’t start from scratch.”Boric said. He also noted that it is coming a trim of your cabinet Which should happen in the middle of this week.

Pinochet’s ghost doesn’t die

Does this mean that Pinochet’s constitution will survive? At the moment and technically yes. Although Wright says it supports Borik’s proposal. “We reaffirm our commitment to a new and good Constitution”, in a joint statement assured the three presidents of Chile Vamos, a right-wing opposition coalition—Javier Macaya (Independent Democratic Union), Luz Poblet (Evopoli) and Francisco Chahuan (National Renewal). “We believe that today democracy has won, Chile’s unity. Peacefully, Chilean men and women have gone to vote democratically and this is what we have to keep in mind so that tomorrow we can act on Chile’s true will, which that there is a new and good constitution,” said Poblet. Macaya also clarified that it It was not a victory of rights but of activists and “common sense”.,

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Thus, Chile’s authority got a new opportunity that this morning the former President Sebastian Pinera – who has practically not spoken since leaving office in March – he gestured as he went to vote. “We have a commitment to a new and good Constitution, and we need that commitment (…) more peace, more unity, because only in this way will we be able to build homes for all” and even that “told to give up the culture of repeal and let us understand that in Chile we need a culture of greater friendship. Cooperation”.

Summer, compulsory votes and the end of the cycle

This Sunday was a particularly hot day for the Santiago winter—temperatures reaching 27 degrees—where, despite large influx of publicIn general, the process was expedited as the polling premises were moved in relation to the voter’s home. Something that did not happen is, for example, in the presidential election last year, where public motion was lacking, forcing many people to walk several times from one commune to another. Because it made voting compulsory for the first time in a decade, there were also queues at police stations for people who had to justify their absence and avoid fines. Too This was the first time that those deprived of liberty were able to vote. 13 million people voted – out of 15 million eligible to vote.

A little context: The main result of this Sunday’s referendum was “Agreement for Peace”“Promoted by Congress in November 2019 – among them by current President Gabriel Boric himself – that Sebastian Pinera reluctantly accepted as a way to prosecute the political “Social Outbreak” Started a month ago. A rebellion of proportion, opposed by millions In the center of Santiago (a phenomenon that was repeated in the rest of the country), the Police firing rubber bullets in the eyesMilitary soldiers roam the streets and through casserolazos every night, in what has become the country’s biggest institutional crisis since its return to democracy. A one-component process was proposed It would begin with an entry referendum, where the “I Approved” option received approximately 80% of the vote compared with the joint constituent convention option and with reserved seats that would draft the new constitutional text, rather than “mixed”, where the representative Both politicians and citizens will participate.

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The latter made it possible that elections to the traditional constituents in May 2021 civil movement and the leftists under different groups l . Receivedmajority of 155 seats, leaving the authority with only 27 representatives and no veto power. However, a rare environment would begin where the authority, in addition to not contributing much more than criticizing the process, added a few chapters that were poorly rated by the public, such as the interruption of the national anthem on the first day of the convention—the product of protests and conventions, which Tried to draw attention to the issue—the discovery of a convention that led to protests (Rodrigo Wade), who lied about cancer or several days to elect new leaders for the second round of conferences. was. Aspects that can be understood as the product of inexperience and the phenomenal of the process were also took advantage of the right to increase the feeling of anarchy And the disarray, despite the fact that it was possible to have the text within the established period, exactly one year after it began on July 4th of this year.

a new court line

The new constitutional text sought to leave behind 1980 Constitution that, despite its amendments in a democracy, it is impossible to separate it from Pinochet and Jaime Guzman -its main ideologue- which allowed the development of a neoliberal economy in charge of the “Chicago Boys”, formed by characters such as Catholic University economist Milton Friedman, who allowed privatization of state companies, great impetus for extraction processes such as forestry . The Critical Model of the South or AFP (Pension Fund Administrator) where pension money is managed by new companies that invest overseas, without involving the people of the profits, but those requested. Models that are still valid.

The new constitution will change this modelChile’s education, health and quality of life were guaranteed (not even mentioned in 1980), in addition to being a gender perspective (defining itself as an egalitarian democracy) respect of indigenous people By defining Chile as a “multinational and “intercultural” state and environment. change in the political system Like the end of the Senate and the Constitutional Court. Something that initially did not sit well with parties that supported the process, such as the Socialist Party, where many of its main actors would end their careers as senators because, after that, “approval” His support for it was low. Right-wing conservative regions, on the other hand, did not think very well that the new constitutional text would ensure the terms of pregnancy, but also its voluntary interruption. There is an occasion that most Chileans were left in suspense with their vote so that the Magna Carta of 1980 would continue to rule.

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