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China creates quantum algorithm capable of breaking the best encryption

If we say something about quantum computers, it usually sounds Chinese to most people. And it is not for less, because computers of this type are used exclusively for solving very complex calculations and are used in very specific cases. Furthermore, because of the computing power of these computers, they are credited with great performance when it comes to breaking encrypted security. well apparently Chinese researchers they claim to have discovered a Quantum algorithm capable of breaking most advanced encryption systems From reality

Our PCs, and even the world’s most powerful supercomputers such as Frontier, belong to the group of computer systems. classical computing, Even if we have a computer with thousands of cores, they are no match quantum computer, These are differentiated rather than related to and limited to quantum computing. 1 o 0they may have two kingdoms together Thanks to use of cubits, With this change, they not only ensure that they can solve more complex calculations in less time, but also have the possibility to make new algorithms,

China has discovered a quantum algorithm that breaks encryption

We already knew that quantum computers are very effective when it comes to solving complex computation problems and with this we include the encryption of passwords and data. What was not expected is that he was the discoverer of Tsinghua University in China, who discovered algorithms capable of dealing with all existing encryption systems. If true, it would mean the ability to break any security encryptionSomething we cannot take lightly.

Long Guili, a professor at Tsinghua University, and his team confirm that they have developed a new factorization algorithm that saves qubits, It is stated that SQIF, which stands for factorization of quantum integers with sublinear resources. This has been achieved on the basis of an algorithm developed in 2013 by German researcher Klaus Schnorr.

The most complex encryption algorithms can be solved in hours

Aes 256 Bit Encryption

The encryption algorithms we have today have hashes SHA-256which, despite being created in 2001, encrypts a set of data into a single string 256 characters, ensuring good security. Although today, we have even more complex encryption keys, such as RSA-2048, which is considered one of the most difficult to decipher. In fact, it is estimated that it will take 300 billion years When decrypting RSA-2048 with modern computers.

However, when we talk quantum computer, this figure will not be complete and will be very less. According to various cryptography and quantum science experts, such an algorithm can be broken at least only 8 hours, To make matters worse, the development of the Chinese-developed SQIF quantum algorithm will further reduce the time it takes to break encryption. if we add to this ibm osprey quantum processorthe most powerful that exists with 433 quitWe couldn’t even imagine how fast it would go through with this type of security.

Furthermore, quantum computing is still in its infancy and is expected to grow more soon. In fact, IBM hopes to build a data processor 1,100 qubits by 2023 why 4,100 qubits by 2025, However, the Chinese researchers have yet to show that their algorithm is capable of breaking RSA-2048 in record time. However if they have demoed SQIF for this decrypt an encryption key 48-bit with a quantum PC of only 10 qubits,

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