China presents its version of the invisibility cloak, but it’s not magic, it’s science

China presents its version of the invisibility cloak, but it's not magic, it's science

Among all the superpowers that children dream of having, one of the most repeated over the years is invisibility. Until now, this ability is rare in fantasy series and movies, however, a group of engineers from the Faculty of Sciences of Donghua University (China) managed to make this goal a reality, but not functional the magic, but through The science.

Almost a month passed when Chu Junhao, physicist and director of the faculty we just mentioned, presented one of the most interesting and unique developments we have seen this year during a scientific event that held in Shanghai.

This is the presentation of one of the developments that this Chinese university is working on the most, invisibility, and like it’s a Harry Potter movie, during the presentation this academic refers to the project as “a cloak of invisibility.”

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With the help of two people, Junhao came out on the stage with a sheet that was initially translucent, because his legs could be seen from behind, although it was a bit blurry. But the strange thing did not come until the assistants turned the sheet 90º and the physicist’s legs disappeared.

As Junhao himself explained, this is not a magic trick but this sheet is composed of a grid made of small convex cylindrical lenses that manage to change the direction of the light, making what is there behind images that are too small to see. to the human eye, thus creating the effect of invisibility.

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At the moment it is only a project carried out by a university, but its creators do not want to be disappointed by the extent of their discovery and as the academic himself stated that “in the future, everyone will have Harry’s invisibility cloak. ” Potter in the closet. .”

The truth is that after these statements the alarm bells are very little about this development, because without examples, the mind only leads us to the bad uses that this can have ” invisibility cloak”, in addition to the fact that until At the time, the development of this technology was focused on military use, such as making a layer for combat aircraft or making military vehicles without being noticed.

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