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Saturday, February 27, 2021

China takes a sigh of relief from Trump’s departure, urges Biden to bring US-China relations back on track

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Seeking relief after the swearing-in of US President Joe Biden, China on Thursday requested the new US president to improve bilateral relations, which had deteriorated drastically during Donald Trump’s term, and re-tracked. Be brought to China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying welcomed Biden’s initial steps to become a party to the Paris Climate Agreement and restore functioning with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trump called it a Chinese puppet for the WHO’s way of dealing with Covid-19. Chunying said that we congratulate President Biden on his swearing in. I noticed that many media institutions in America said that it is a new day in America after going through an extraordinary time. We believe that the people of our two are entitled to embrace a better future. We hope that Biden will succeed in governance.

Some leaders increased hatred

Chunying said that I saw that his first speech mentioned global unity many times. This is very important in our bilateral relations. He said that in the last four years “a handful of American politicians have lied so much and increased hatred and division”. The spokesman said that Chinese and American people have fallen victim to it.

He asked the new US administration to bring back the deteriorated relations between China and America. Chunying said that we have different social systems, stages of development and historical culture. It is natural for us to have differences. Biden also said that democracy should have the right to disagree and dissent. With the end of the Trump administration on Wednesday, China breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that the snow would melt after the most tense time in Beijing-Washington relations.

Biden gave a message of unity

China’s official media said that Biden in his first speech mainly emphasized on bringing unity in the country and did not name China even once, unlike Trump. However, he did not give any indication to correct the deteriorating relations. Trump had aggressively kept pressure on all aspects of US-China relations during his tenure.

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