China Unveils Ambitious Colony and Mining Plan in Solar System

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China has announced its massive project to explore and exploit the vast resources of the solar system, marking the start of a new era of space mining and interplanetary colonization.

she asian giant there are sights set ahead of our planet, with plans to interpret and exploit the trillions of dollars in mineral resources scattered throughout the solar system. This ambitious project, which is scheduled to start in 2035, changes the limits of space exploration and the use of extraterrestrial resources.

The Vision of 2100: Colonization and Exploitation

China intends to build a complex network of facilities in space, planets and moons, which will facilitate the expansion of its network of mining and exploitation of energy. The revelation, made by scientist Wang Wei of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, describes how they plan to explore, extract and economically exploit the resources of Mars, the Moon and other celestial bodies, such as asteroid.

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Toward a New Space Age

“A great space age, with the use of space resources, will create the next miracles in human history,” said Wang Wei, emphasizing the magnitude of the project. This plan is expected to changing the global economy of spacewhich puts China on an advanced trajectory in the space race, exploiting interplanetary resources to power a new wave of prosperity and development.

Technological Development and Innovation

To realize this vision, China must development of revolutionary technologies to mine, process and transport space resources. The initiative, known as Tiangong Kaiwu, calls for a significant re-evaluation and evolution of existing technologies to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of exploiting space resources.

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The Next Frontier: Asteroids and Beyond

Preparing for this cosmic journey, China will launch the Tianwen-2 robotic probe in 2025, aiming for a near-Earth asteroid. It is estimated that about 700 asteroids around our planet there is a combined value of more than 100 trillion dollars, which provides a fertile field for the exploitation of mining and the acquisition of valuable resources.

Lunar Expansion and Beyond

China’s plan doesn’t stop at asteroids. There are plans for the Chang’e-7 spacecraft to land on the Moon in 2026, looking frozen water which can be used to sustain life and facilitate long-term exploration. The long-term vision sees China establishing a permanent presence on the Moon, an important step on its path to colonizing and exploiting the solar system’s vast resources.

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