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China vs America: Dragon’s Wrath

now what Joe Biden ruined a celebration Xi Jinping It came on like a glove. Travel Nancy Pelosic One Taiwan This gave the Chinese leader an opportunity to stir up nationalist sentiments, as the cooling of the economy exacerbated the uneasiness generated by the authoritarian methods used against the pandemic.

Instead, the head of the White House voltage rise Which led to the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, influenced the achievement just achieved in the war on terrorism: Al Qaeda leader killed in Kabul,

American drone that Killed Ayman al-Zawahiriq Compensates, in part, the scars left by the withdrawal from Afghanistan. At a time when the world was in awe, as planes took off with swarms of Afghans hanging from their wings, Biden assured that Washington would continue to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, but no longer needed troops there to do so. Is.

death of Al Qaeda chief in Kabuli It became proof that the war on terrorism could, in fact, continue without US troops in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the precision attack ended none other than the creator of global terrorism. Osama bin Laden’s number two helped him conceive and organize the structure of “sleeping cells” that are activated from a central neuron.

The Saudi sheikh was a leader for his mysterious charisma and for being the financial brain of Al Qaeda. But Egyptian doctor left family clinic in Cairo for treatment mujahideen The Afghans, wounded in the battle against the Soviet Union, were the strategic minds and organizers of the most shocking and devastating attacks.

He also attacked the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar el Salaam in 1998, the 2000 attacks on the military ship USS Kol in Yemen and Attack on passenger planes on 11 September 2001.

The terrorism strategist who assumed the leadership of Al Qaeda when elite commandos killed Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad was showing Biden as a war trophy when Nancy Pelosic landed in taipei, is producing Chinese reaction It sounds like a prelude to an invasion of Taiwan.

This is not the first time China, Taiwan and the United States advance the edge of the war, The first escalation of tensions occurred in 1954, when Chiang Kai-shek deployed troops to the islands of Matsu and Qomoy with the intention of jumping to the mainland and resuming fighting against the Communists. As Mao Tse-tung responded by bombing those islands, Washington signed a mutual defense treaty, then called the Republic of China, and threatened Beijing with a nuclear attack.

The second major increase occurred in 1958. Eisenhower transferred the Seventh Fleet to the Taiwan Strait to help Kuomintang forces repel a Communist army offensive at Matsu and Qomoy. While the third spike in tension was after Chow En-lai and Kissinger negotiated the deal that sealed them Nixon and Mao hug By which Washington began to consider the island as Beijing considers it a “Chinese province in rebellion”, but receiving a Chinese commitment not to attack it or attempt unilateral reunification.

that voltage spike was caused by Taiwan’s President Lee Teng-hui traveled to New York, however, mainly because he was the first leader of the Kuomintang to abandon unification after defeating the CCP, which Siang Kai-shek wanted, to set Taiwan independence as a goal.

Beijing responded with military maneuvers to which the aircraft carriers were patrolling the Straits of Liberty and Nimitz in response. But Defense Secretary William Perry made it clear that he did not expect moderate Jiang Zemin to attack that escalation.
Xi Jinping This is not Jiang Zemin. It has more power, more geopolitical ambitions and a greater determination to exert Chinese leadership at all levels. In addition, China today has twice the military power and weight in the world economy than it did at the time.

In 1997, the Speaker of the House of Representatives visited Taiwan for the first time. But it was a different matter because it was about Newt Gingrich, an ultra-conservative Republican who, along with Kenneth Starr, was the prosecutor. tormented bill clinton In the Lewinsky case, he was a staunch enemy of that president. Therefore, China did not see an American animosity against it, but a Republican animosity against Clinton. The question is why Pelosi ignored Biden’s request, if both belong to the same party.

She has always been the most critical voice of the Chinese regime, but the head of the White House keeps it up Contact with Xi Jinping so that China doesn’t give Russia the weapons it asks for, The priority of the Western powers is not in Asia but in Central Europe, where they are trying to prevent Vladimir Putin from achieving the totality he had set out to invade Ukraine.

Pelosi denounced Chinese pressure on Taiwan with her visit, including a reduction in Taiwanese imports, a boycott of Chinese tourism to the island, and cyberattacks. According to the veteran lawmaker, if Washington does not point to the red line it should not cross, Xi will feel free to invade Taiwan. but Pelosi’s decision may have the opposite effect,

The Democratic leader’s move raised the risk of a country stunned by the drumbeat of war that China has beaten since the controversial visit. The danger represented by this spike in tension can be measured in the scale of naval maneuvers, including missiles passing over the island and military exercises With live ammunition.

His visit not only gave impetus to Xi Jinping’s plan to impose control over the island for China; It may also lead the Chinese leader to decide to cooperate fully with the head of the Kremlin, sending him weapons as he seeks to crush Ukrainian resistance.

In addition to raising the possibility that the Russian military would increase its destructive potential in Ukraine by engaging Chinese weapons, it exposed an unprecedented fracture in the Democratic leadership that governs the United States. You Joe Biden looks weak since Pelosi ignored his reasonable request When he tried to strengthen himself by announcing the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was hunted in Kabul.

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