China warns US to pay ‘unbearable price’ for action on Taiwan

China has warned the United States will pay an “unbearable cost” for its actions on Chinese Taipei, saying that by encouraging Taiwan’s separatist forces, Washington puts the self-governing island in a dangerous position .

China has sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, and under the “one China” policy, almost all world countries, including the US, assume that sovereignty, meaning they should not have direct diplomatic contact with the self-declared government in Taipei.

Chinese Taipei’s separatist President Tsai Ing-wen has independence aspirations and sees the island as a “sovereign state”, rejecting the “one China” principle.

The US has long loved Taipei and sells arms to the self-governing island in violation of its self-proclaimed policy, angering Beijing.

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister and State Counselor Wang Yi said that the US may have to pay an unbearable price for promoting separatist forces in Taipei.

“The US has gone back on its commitment when it established diplomatic relations with China, pardoned and instigated ‘Taiwan independence’ forces, and sought to distort and hollow out the One China doctrine. China’s official Xinhua News Agency “This would put Taiwan in an extremely precarious position and bring an unbearable cost to the US,” Wang said in an interview with

“China’s reunification is an unstoppable trend. Attempts to achieve ‘Taiwan independence’ will inevitably end in failure. Taiwan has no other way than to reconnect with the mainland. This is a harsh trend of history.” and is the only practical and logical consequence,” China’s foreign minister insisted.

Sino-US relations have become increasingly tense in recent years, with the world’s two largest economies clashing over a range of issues including trade, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, military activities in the South China Sea and the origin of the coronavirus.

Beijing regularly describes the island as the most sensitive issue in its relationship with Washington.

China has recently been flying fighter jets close to Chinese Taipei, while the US has deployed troops to the region for the past year for alleged training purposes.


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