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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Chinese Communist Party, making fun of burning pyres in India, tweet deleted

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His own party has exposed the poor mentality of China, trying to garner sympathy by claiming help in the Corona tragedy in India. Due to this, not only the country of the ruling party of China is becoming very grim in the world.

In fact, through a social media account of the Chinese Communist Party of China, the Corona crisis released in India Made fun of has gone. It said that pyres are burning in India, while China is preparing space stations in space. The photo shared in the post compared China’s Tianhe module and its burning fuel to moving crews in India.

Social media created a ruckus after this controversial post made by the Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs account on China’s micro-blogging website Weibo. In this post, a picture of launching of Chinese rockets on one side and burning of corpses in India on the other side is shown. In this post, the caption reads, “China’s burnt fire vs. India’s burnt fire.”

Th controversial Weibo post mocking India’s funeral pyres, via Twitter

It also mentioned the crossing of four lakh cases of corona in India with the hashtag. However, criticism started in China itself for taking this picture. Chinese citizens expressed displeasure over the post, after which it was Deleted Gone.

Chinese social media users reacted sharply to this post and strongly criticized the Communist Party for its insensitivity towards the Corona tragedy in India. Weibo users said that this post is ‘inappropriate’ and China should show sympathy with India.

After this criticism, Hu Shijin, editor of China’s official Bhopu Global Times, wrote that we should elevate humanitarianism to India this time. Condolences should be given to India and the morality of Chinese society should be kept high. Hu said that it is not right to adopt such a method to increase people’s participation on their account.

However, the real face of Hu Shijin was also revealed to the world later. Hu Shijin tweeted, “Many Chinese people are worried that the emergency supplies such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators that China will provide to India will serve the needs of the country’s rich rather than save India’s poor patients.” In this way, the editor of Global Times raised questions on the Indian system.

At the same time, when China’s Foreign Ministry was asked for a response on this matter, instead of replying, it said that we hope that everyone will pay attention to the views of the Chinese government and people supporting India’s fight against the epidemic. The ministry further said that in the coming days, other necessary medical supplies will be sent to India to fight the corona. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing condolences on the condition of Corona in India. He also offered to support and help deal with the surge of Kovid-19 cases in India.

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