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Thursday, March 4, 2021

‘Chinese companies do not play the game, give stiff competition to pricing’

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Chinese brands are trying to destroy the television market. First, we sell the TVs at a lower price, then we increase the price. Their goal is to gain market share. However, in the television segment, we do not allow the game of these Chinese brands to be successful. If any Chinese company lowers the price, then we will compete with the price. Chinese companies have also made this game on mobile‌. Avanit Singh Marwa, CEO, Thomson TV Brand License Super Plastics Pvt Ltd, said this in a live interview with Hindustan. He explained the reason behind the rise in television prices, the industry outlook and the company’s future strategy.

The price trend may continue till June
Mobile companies are constantly trying their hand at the Indian television market, why is this industry so attractive? In response to this question Avneet said that companies expect to see growth in the television industry as the mobile market continues to grow. Companies are betting on this expectation. In relation to the current trend of television prices, Avanith said that in almost all sectors, television prices have gone up by 10%. He said prices had started rising from April-May last year. Television production declined worldwide, but increased in China. The rising price trend will last until June.

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We will sell over 5 lakh televisions this year
He said television had become more expensive due to rising panel prices. According to Avanit, the top 6 companies control panel prices. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, these companies saw a huge opportunity for demand and supply and they took advantage of it. Regarding the industry outlook and the company’s future plan, Thomson said the trend in the Indian market is constantly growing. Our sales are constantly increasing. Last year, we sold 3.5 million televisions. This year, we aim to sell over 5 million televisions.

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More than 50 television models will be added
“We are setting up 2 factories,” Avanit said. Televisions and home appliances are manufactured in these factories. Google says it has given us certification. We are the first company in India to be certified by Google and the 8th company in the world. In addition, the company focuses on contactless manufacturing. AI will soon be making and inspecting TVs. Also, we are bringing automation. He said more than 50 TV models will be added in the coming years. In addition, we also export television to neighboring countries.


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