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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Chinese dragon will be allowed to attack foreign ships in oceans, tension will increase

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China has passed a controversial law to increase its vigor in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Under this law, the Chinese Coast Guard has been given more freedom to attack foreign ships. This is being seen as a step that could increase military insurgency in the Western Pacific. Chinese news agency Xinhua said in a report that the purpose of this law is to protect national sovereignty, security and maritime rights. This law will come into effect from February 1.

According to the Xinhua report, China’s Coast Guard has been allowed to use weapons, including taking all necessary measures to prevent it if it feels threatened by foreign ships. Under the law, Coast Guard personnel have been permitted to board and inspect foreign vessels operating in waters under Chinese jurisdiction. It is believed that this move of China may increase the tension in the disputed water sector.

China said – will maintain peace at sea

In fact, Chinese Coast Guard ships often come in close contact with foreign ships, causing a situation of tension. Chinese ships also do so because Beijing claims the South and East China Sea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the law was a normal legislative activity by the NPC and China would remain committed to maintaining peace and stability at sea.

Beijing spoils relationship over claims in China Sea

Claims over the resource-rich waters of the South China Sea have deteriorated China’s relations with its neighbors in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. At the same time, in the East China Sea, Chinese and Japanese ships regularly come face to face during patrolling near uninhabited islands claimed by both sides. It is believed that China’s move will increase military activity in the region.

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