Chris Minns, Michael Daley goes again because of NSW Labor Leadership

Chris Minns, Michael Daley goes again because of NSW Labor Leadership

Australian MPs Chris Minns and Michael Daley are the leading candidates for the leadership of the opposition in New South Wales (NSW) after Jodi McKay resigned last week.

This is the second time Minns and Daley have taken on the fight and the third attempt for Minns as a whole. But Minns promised no accusations against his opponent’s faction if he won the top post.

“Of course I promise no accusations,” Minns told Sky News on Tuesday.

With two contenders, Labor Party rules require the caucus and ranking members to vote, which can be a bruise and lengthy process unless one person falls.

Minns said Daley “just like me” has the right to raise his hand. But he said he could not tell his challenger to withdraw his nomination to avoid a potentially damaging match.

The opposition leadership contest comes after the policies of the NSW Labor Party – and McKay’s leadership – came under scrutiny after the Upper Hunter by-election, which dropped Labor’s primary vote to 21 percent from 29 percent in the 2019 state election. .

Following the result, and despite the initial promise to stay in the role, McKay, who received majority support for the top post in 2019 after the party’s election defeat, said that although she was the elected leader, there was party in the party. who never “Accepted the result.” She resigned on May 27th.

The loss of the by-election in Upper Hunter, held in a predominantly blue-collar region, prompted some in Labor to pursue soul-searching, saying the party, which describes itself as ‘working families’, focuses on policies targeting progressive downtown, to their disadvantage.

Minns, who resigned from the shadow cabinet on May 25 after a labor staff member from the office of deputy opposition leader Yasmin Catley allegedly distributed a “dirty dossier” about him to the media, said in a post on Twitter that he wants the Labor Party to refocus on ‘working families’. He also pledged to criticize the NSW Liberal government and instead offer alternatives.

Labor “does not have to oppose everything the government does,” he said.

Minns previously lost to Daley in November 2018, when Daley became party leader for four months of short duration. But on Monday, he said he was confident this time would be different.

Meanwhile, Daley confirmed on Sunday that he would ask for a second chance to be the leader, but he has a setback from the parties and officials of the Asian-Australian Labor Party over comments he made in 2019 about people from Asia with doctorates which takes work from young Australians. .

He apologized again on Monday with The Guardian reported He said, “I learned from my mistakes the hard way and thought about them more than you could imagine.”

“Some things I said and did in the campaign, I can guarantee you, will never happen again.”

Regardless, Minns argues that leadership needs a complete reset and says it’s time for new ideas and generational change.

Daley, 55, served as minister when the party was last in government. McKay is also a former government minister.

“I’m not a member of the previous Labor government, but I’m going to tell my colleagues that this is fine,” Minns told reporters.

“We are in our tenth year of opposition, and something must change – the change must be generational.”

AAP contributed to this report.