Christian Cueva dedicated a tender post to Pamela Lopez shortly before announcing their breakup. showbiz

 Christian Cueva dedicated a tender post to Pamela Lopez shortly before announcing their breakup.  showbiz

Christian Cueva Once again in the midst of a storm. He is the new protagonist of another breakup of ‘Hollywood’ and although he has not yet spoken about it, the ballplayer’s wife and former Alianza Lima player has just announced the decision to end their relationship of more than 12 years. Was done. Marital life relationship.

What did Christian Cueva’s wife Pamela Lopez say about the footballer?

In an unexpected and sweeping statement, Pamela Lopez announced that she has broken up with Christian Cueva and that a man associated with cumbia will be involved in this breakup.

“This is a matter of my private sphere, but because I am still the wife of a public figure, I would like to point out that, after a series of unfortunate incidents, which I will show with evidence in due course and involving a person Is from the artistic world (cumbia) and who currently intends to sell the image of a victim, I decided to end my romantic relationship of more than 12 years with Mr. Christian Cueva Bravo,” wrote at the beginning of the text Is.

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Finally, Pamela asked not to get involved with the athlete: “As of today I completely separate myself from events that may arise with him from now on. I do so out of respect for myself and my youngest children and I ask for sympathy. Thank you, God bless you.”

What was the last message that Christian Cueva dedicated to his wife Pamela Lopez?

It was on their fourth wedding anniversary that the footballer posted a photo with Pamela and wrote an affectionate message to her: “Happy Linen Wedding, my love. I know God will continue to give us strength and guide us every day “Happiness that always exists,” he wrote, “we want to find. I love you.” Christian Cueva On his official Instagram account. In the picture you can see this couple in a romantic evening.

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Pamela Lopez’s daughter dedicates an emotional post to Christian Cueva after her breakup

Fabián, the eldest daughter of Pamela López, after announcing that her relationship with Christian Cueva was over, dedicated an emotional message to her mother on social networks: “My life is happy only because you are in it. I feel honoured.” To be the person who calls you ‘Mom’ every day, to be the person I turn to when I feel like everything is overwhelming me, to be the person who first asks how I am, How am I doing or what do I feel. I once told you that I am as delicate as a flower for you, but till date I have not seen anyone more strong, intelligent, kind, respectful, dedicated, thoughtful, passionate, beautiful in the entire world.

“My mother is everything that is good to me. You have always had everything it takes to excel and the best part is that you are a faithful believer in the same power you taught us to connect with: God. I love you from here to God’s home and always “We, your children, you will always be the most precious thing in our lives. I accept you, mother. You will always be the best example to follow and my only safe place. Against everything, but with you,” he concluded.

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How did Pamela Lopez meet Christian Cueva?

The love of Pamela Lopez and Christian Cueva lasted for more than 12 years. She met the football player in 2011, when at just 20 years old he was a player for the Universidad de San Martín de Porres Sports Club. She was one of the first national teams to host the Cueva Bravo. That is to say, Lopez has been with him since he started out as a football player.


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