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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Christian farmer was selling non-halal meat, Islamic fundamentalists attacked

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The terror of Islamic fundamentalists is increasing in Wayanad, Kerala. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency is located in Wayanad Regarding selling non-halal meat in Meenangadi Islamists attacked a Christian farmer named Shaji. According to media reports, Islamists were allegedly fed raw meat to Christian farmer Shaji and his non-halal meat-carrying Trucks also burned.

Friends of the victim farmer claimed that the incident occurred when Shaji went into the area carrying 150 kg of fresh meat (beef and pork) in a three-wheeler. According to a report, ‘Kisan Mitra’ The farmer group, which has around 6,000 members in Kerala, started selling fresh and non-halal meat on Easter Sunday.

‘Kisan Mitra’ This initiative greatly upset the Islamic fundamentalists. Actually, halal meat is sold more in Kerala. Due to its poor quality, Kisan Mitra decided to sell fresh and good quality meat.

According to another report, the locals of Kerala like non-halal meat more than the halal meat. In order to make it accessible to the common people, they try to sell non-halal meat, which is allegedly the main reason behind the attack.

Police said on Tuesday that in this regard, Meenangadi on Monday night A complaint was received at the police station, But no FIR has been filed so far. The police have conducted a preliminary investigation, which has revealed that some people prevented a person from selling meat in the area, saying that he was selling non-halal meat. However, there is no confirmation of feeding raw meat to the victim yet.

Senior police officer said that they are investigating the matter. If it is a cognizable offense, then they will register an FIR in this case. At the same time, complainant Shaji said that they stopped his vehicle in an area near Meenangadi and tried to destroy the non-halal meat. They accused him of selling non-halal meat. He told that the group of people had also tried to force him to feed raw meat, but he managed to escape from there by getting the chance.

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