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Christmas challenge: get off the mobile phone!

Will you be able to step away from mobiles, computers and tablets this Christmas, or at least, control the amount of time you use these devices during the holidays? This objective, which seems so simple, can be very difficult to accomplish.

During these dates, when holidays, the usual Christmas messages on WhatsApp and low temperatures come together, we run the risk of spending more hours in front of screens than doing other activities. To help you avoid this, we give you a series of guidelines to limit its use and we propose very fun alternatives to fill your free time with family, and leave the mobile Give!

What happens if youth misuse mobile?

It is estimated that youth spend about 5 hours a day in front of electronic devices. Excessive use of screens can have negative health effects on children and adolescents, such as:

In addition, Dr. Manuel Ramon Baca Coates, Head of the Pediatric Service and Adolescent Unit of the Quironsalud Málaga Hospital, insisted that “The most important thing to know is that misuse of technology can lead to addiction, And many young people may lose the dimension of reality and accelerate the risk of social isolation. Changes in family relationships themselves, limitations in social behavior, and may also affect school performance.

Rules for responsible use of mobile phones in childhood

It is true that mobile phones, tablets and computers make our daily tasks easier, but they can also steal a chunk of our time, sometimes without us even realizing it. To achieve more responsible use in adults, we can follow the 7 Steps to Digital Detox, starting with setting easy-to-achieve goals, such as going out for coffee without a mobile.

But, parents should be more cautious in the case of children and teenagers. In this sense, Dr. Baca recommends that families establish orders and rules Of which stand:

  1. limit screen use Electronics, whether mobiles, video consoles, computers…
  2. Agree with your children in what situations they can use the devices Electronics and even when not, for example, in class or during family gatherings.
  3. leave cell phones and other devices outside the minor’s room; The most appropriate thing is that they are placed in passage rooms, such as the living room.
  4. Be with minor while using mobile or other technology. So you can control the time, the information you consult, etc.
  5. learn password, In this regard, Dr. Baca affirms that “something that is rarely taken into account, but which is essential, is that the passwords for access to social networks and other channels are not only in the possession of the child , but that the parents should know them too”.
  6. Avoid using electronic devices before sleeping, as they can cause insomnia. If the child needs the habit of disconnecting and getting ready for bed, reading a story or book would be even better.
  7. Offer your kids other activities Outside, read or play traditional games for fun. This way you inspire their creativity, physical activity and problem-solving.

Enjoy Christmas without your mobile or tablet

There are ways to entertain yourself as an alternative to social networks, series or online games. We propose several activities to enjoy Christmas without electronic devices (whatever our age).

do outdoor sports activities

Exercising sports is very beneficial for everyone and even better if it is done outside. Furthermore, if we establish its importance in childhood, it is more likely that this habit will persist over time.

But how can we move forward as a family? A very entertaining option is to organize a trial circuit for the little ones to test their skills: jump, run or become a tightrope walker! Or, depending on age, we can also practice sports that we all enjoy or try new sports, such as riding a bike, playing basketball, practicing yoga, etc.

Organize a craft, painting or drawing workshop

This Christmas activity is very easy to do, and there are options for all ages. For crafts, it is only necessary to prepare materials, such as toilet paper rolls, cotton or other things that we can have at home.

we can also Discover Christmas Coloring Pages, inviting the little ones to choose their favorites. Another very easy option is to leave out several sheets of paper and pictures for the kids to let their imaginations run wild.

pull out chef what’s inside you

Cooking delicious homemade dishes for Christmas It is a very fun and satisfying activity. From planning the menu to preparing the recipes, little ones can participate in the whole process. This will make it easier for us to have good eating habits and other safety measures in the kitchen.

Of course, it is convenient to write down the steps of the recipes before putting your hands in the dough, to avoid any distraction with the mobile or other device. So we can focus on the process and enjoy time with family or whatever we want.

play ludo or any other board game

Board games are an ideal activity to train memory and promote concentration, attention and socialization.

Currently, there are also a variety of board games on favorite children’s topics. These include classics like Dominoes, Ludo, Chess, Cards and Goose. If we don’t have anyone at home, we can play puzzles or make up new words.

This type of holiday is ideal to do with children over 6 years old, teenagers and adults. In any case, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions, specified on the box, to be sure whether the board game is suitable for our child.

Let’s all read together!

who said reading was just a Hobby person? We can also read stories and books together as a family, and to inspire young children we can let them choose which ones they want to read.

In addition, this activity has many benefits in childhood, since it favors psychomotor stimulation. In fact, books are the perfect Christmas gift.

It should be added that adults also benefit from reading, as it is a way to work on memory and take care of mental health.

share family time

Let’s utilize the free time to play with the kids. In short, Dr. Daniel Ruiz Díaz, a pediatrician at the Hospital Quironsalud Córdoba, reminds us that the most important thing is “Sharing play time with children as it will bring them innumerable benefits both affective and protective, since the game is supervised by an adult”, pointing out that in this way “we will help the correct development of our children”.

Jordi Sasot Levadot, a specialist in psychiatry at the Tecnon Medical Center, emphasizes that Christmas is a great time to recapture shared leisure time or to talk with your children once again., For this reason, in order to enjoy these dates, he advises us to favor joint recreational activities, while also trying to ensure that the entertainment is not only personal.

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