How much does it cost to travel by train in Europe during the Christmas holidays?

Christmas holidays: How much does it cost to travel by train in Europe during the Christmas holidays?

If you have the desire to discover the magic of Europe during the Christmas holidays, the train journey should be one of your first choices as it is undoubtedly a unique journey. In this option, adventure is just one ticket and here we will explore how much it costs to travel by train through the charming corners of the old continent.

A railway company offers a magic key that opens the possibility of exploring 33 countries European by train and during the Christmas holidays, this pass becomes your golden ticket to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of cities like Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam.

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What are the prices for traveling by train in Europe during December?

Flexibility is the crown jewel of this pass, because it offers a package that will support you all the days of your stay in the old continent. With this payment, not only your transfer is guaranteed, but also the beautiful views of the railway routes that will take you closer to any destination.

If you’re looking for a quick trip to the Swiss Alps or a visit to the Christmas markets in Germany, this pass is your best option: Prices range from 215 dollars, about 3,735 pesos, for a 4-day trip in second class, to 432 dollars, about 7,500 pesos, for 15 days with unlimited transfers, all for one person. on.

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As we can see the prices depend on the duration of the trip and the chosen type of train. From week-long adventures to month-long trips, there are options for all tastes and budgets. Get more details on prices and special promotions.

In this link you will find all the detailed information on routes, schedules and reservations, ensuring that your trip will be as smooth as hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon. Plan your trip with ease and confidence, learn more details about logistics

These train trips through Europe are a great option to spend a wonderful Christmas in destinations full of the magic of the season and that will give you unique moments full of the traditional warmth of the season. .

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