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Cities of the Future has given details in the former building of the Aeroparque between Las Heras and Ciudad.

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The City of the Future began to take shape.

But far from this model, the new Ciudad del Futuro project, in which the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure has worked with the Inter-American Development Bank and the municipalities of Las Heras and Ciudad, has developed on the ground around sustainable urbanism. recognizing nature, local values ​​and integration.

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Located on a 72-hectare field, the old airport alternative where it was created, a green space, with a road reclaimed by nature, will be the base where the modern eco-city will be located.

There, not only traditional construction systems will be separated, but also meeting spaces will be prioritized, which will blur the differences by destroying the walls that divide the current Condor Base with the surrounding neighborhoods. In this way, a great urban union is waiting to start.

The reasons which led to the prominence of the new city of F in this area were different. The large urban resources, the influx of different hydrological flows and some structures that can still be refunctionalized, have been a big kick for an open system, carbon neutral and climate adapted and inclusive city.

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Other examples of the city of the future.

Other examples of the City of the Future.

How is the Future State planned?

The genesis of the project included the study of different locations that served as the basis for future construction. So how are you going to live? What will be the new rules for convicts? What are the principles and values ​​behind this new way of thinking, building and inhabiting the city?

In the master plan, created by technical professionals and experts, the incorporation of green infrastructure is projected but also the construction area will resume that was once the center of the airstrip. In addition, state-of-the-art ecological and ecosystem engineering functions will be added.

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Paradigm variations occur in different ways. The urban system and the landscape area will base their development on sustainable circulation, and technological innovation will incorporate the transfer of the extractivist fertile matrix to the knowledge economy.

“Mendoza can generate extreme knowledge. Therefore, creating techniques for agricultural development, the food industry, the production of crops in a sustainable way, part of the negotiations that are being held, to think about the new building of bionanotechnology by UNCuyo or the research building promoted by Manus Conicet” explained Felipe Vera, expert IDB

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Another reason for the future city.

Another reason for the Future City.

Food safety is another of those areas that are put on the planning table. In this sense, it is key to change the fertility matrix that brings goods and food from abroad, a mechanism that thinks how to eat and provide food in a more flexible way through urban agriculture, with mechanisms that are not monocultures, but regenerated. and non-destructive agriculture that uses cooperatives and families as the basis of production.

Another key to City F is optimizing energy and water use. To reduce the effects of drought, he thought about the incorporation of efficient water management models, mainstream irrigation, more elements of phytopurification.

The recycling and use of waste can generate a circular metabolism, which allows the building to reuse materials in a non-traditional way.

Green infrastructure will incorporate low-maintenance native trees that can provide shade and water supply. In addition, state-of-the-art elements will be added to the weight of moisture and carbon dioxide.

Social-spatial integration will occur with public spaces that are open and closed and connected to each other, adding to the variety and diversity that all minors can use.

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The city of future will rise in the former airport.

Future City is rising in the former Aeropark.

What are the main changes?

These changes are made through the transfer of knowledge. In the city of F there will be a technical school that will integrate different emerging areas, where it will not only be taught in a traditional and academic way, but also with the transfer of technical skills, such as robotics, or specific ones that allow much faster access. to function.

Housing, a ready-made model, with hybrid housing typologies, adapted to new types of families. They also envisioned homes with common spaces that can be shared, open, inclusive, and accessible.

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What is the progress so far?

The first step was the master plan, which defines the main future of the Ministry of Security and the Mendoza Police, whose land will be given in possession to pay off the institution’s debt.

At the same time, progress was made in the design and construction of the new central fire station, in the division of land and the approval of feasibility and certification services.

In addition, additional roads such as Cicchitti and Gran Capitán streets are being built, with the proper resources of the Province.

Soon progress will be made in the planning and ordering of the first housing and in the demolition of the existing wall that separates the area from the neighborhoods of San Martin and Infanta.


Work is already underway in the future city.

Work is already underway in the Future City.

To occupy urban spaces

Within the framework of the housing laboratory, in which the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure works constantly, the use and refunctionalisation of empty or obsolete urban spaces is projected to change the model of construction and coexistence within cities.

When the project was researched, the old aerodrome located in the Mendoza Police Condor Base was presented as a special place to complete the eco-sustainable plan of the new city.

It is so, that, as here, in the world there is a number of obsolete and lost airports; many vacant hectares in the central areas of the city that are necessary for the reworking of functions and, in fact, the cities of San Francisco, Berlin or Caracas, have already turned to the challenge of transformation.

Agustín Aguerre, president of the IDB in Argentina, was explicit: “Mendoza is one of the firs
t places in the country to talk about the future.” Felipe Vera, a specialist from the housing and urban development division of the IDB, which worked together with provincial officials, accompanied the move: “Mendoza is a great opportunity to find and material for an emerging and sustainable city.”

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Among the authors in the presentation was also the senator of the nation, alfredo cornejo.

Among the authors in the presentation was also the senator of the nation, Alfredo Cornejo.


In general, reserving a predominant place in the Condor Base property, it is planned to carry out the following works:

  • Road infrastructure: connections to the surroundings with works will be made on Avenida Gran Capitán and Cicchiti.
  • The technical school: now does not refuse the National government for its funding, which allows it to progress in the project by invitation to bids. It will be present according to its conception and will train students in new technologies and arts.
  • Ministry of Security and Fire: modernization of the structure of the Ministry of Security, according to the new paradigms of public security policy. It is proposed as a flexible structure, rapid construction, which allows its reading in time.
  • Accommodation: the first program will be in Ciudad, then in the region of Las Heras. Everything will be built in a sustainable manner. It is estimated that, in total, some 100 new houses will be built.
  • A model of the housing of the future city F.jpg

    So will the future seats of the city be.

    These will be the future seats of the city.

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