Civil dialogue will be easier if Trump’s extremism in defense of himself is voted out

Civil dialogue will be easier if Trump's

I’m not Jewish, so I’m not Donald Trump’s “vermin,” but I’m sure I fit into one or more of the other groups he plans to “root” in the unfortunate event of his re-election. And my Italian grandfather suggested that my blood was not “pure.”

That’s why I appreciate your Thanksgiving editorial, in which you pointed out that civil dialogue is very difficult when there are “bad guys,” like Trump, on one side. And it’s good that Gov. Spencer Cox couldn’t agree more. That’s all for the good.

Unfortunately, the march of the authoritarian—yes, fascist—future cannot be stopped until the media and Republicans begin to specifically and consistently reject MAGA’s claims and threats.

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Did Celeste Maloy or any of our representatives publicly condemn Trump’s screed? Not that I saw anything. That goes beyond politeness to bravery, because they will surely be subject to threats and intimidation from the MAGA crowd.

A few, like Mitt Romney, have done it.

Liz Cheney, anathema to MAGA, calls out lies as her response to Mike Lee’s lie about Jan. 6 shows: “Heads up, a nutball conspiracy theorist seems to be posting from your account.”

And conservative Rep. Ken Buck (R, Colorado) withdrew from reelection, saying, “Too many Republican leaders lied to America, claiming the 2020 election was stolen.” (WSJ, Nov. 24, page 4)

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What is at stake in November 2024 is not only politeness, and it is better not to agree. Rather, it is democracy and the rule of law. We should not be distracted by the polls and treat the election as a horse race. As NYU’s Jay Rosen says, “It’s not the odds, but the stakes for US democracy” that are on the ballot. Civil dialogue will be easier if Trump’s “extremism in defense of himself” is voted out.