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Clarins: the best ally for uncontrolled prices

After trucker Pablo Moyano made sure that the decision of control fair prices It was at the express request of Sergio Massa that the Clarins group came out at the intersection with the point plug. It is a fair price programme, which fixes prices for some 2000 essential products through voluntary agreements between the government and producer and marketing companies, Will be valid till December 31, 2023 And, unlike other times, the government is determined to move forward without hesitation. Not only Moyano and truckers, but various social organizations also announced their participation in the movement. for that reason “naughtySo well presented by “Gran Diario Argentina” spread hatred on your cover today. As always, considered profanity To oppose the beneficiaries of the measure. Those are bad words: “piqueteros, kirchneristas, los moyano, coriplaneros, cristinismo, etc”,?they will make it, the fact that more and more Argentines understand this Lies – the media is always on the side of the bad for those who show the good : criminals the court is your partner (The number of amparos and the rules in your favor exempt you from comments); rich picteros Those who leak currency, smuggle grain and refuse to give dollars to the country are also accomplices. Among them the Vicentine style jets, also Echevère; complete with picture macrista political mafia, it’s not that hard Know who benefits and who does not, that prices do not climb the clouds,

Fair Price: Business and Government Agreement

fair price program that fixes the price two thousand basic needs Through voluntary agreement will be between the government and the producing and marketing companies Valid till December 31, 2023,

Unlike other times, President Fernandez seems inclined to fully support this fair price initiative.

The point (and this is where the “crooks” are located) is to get the population in general and social organizations (unions, NGOs, militants and others) in particular to take the bull by the horns and help companies comply with the government. Signed agreement to stop doing. what that can be affected by, : For those who sign and then don’t comply and who want a disappointed and disappointed society. Ask yourself who they are defending if the signatories of the agreement are supposed to have done so.

It is not at all a coincidence that the media mafia continues to work in tandem to wield influence over a social sector that repels and co-opts their objectives.

Yes, finally, the government manages to control the giants of the market, the plans for hyperinflation and the country’s crash are going away and with it the hope of coming back physically without anesthesia (as they are announcing ), the plan of the government Which will take the country to the dungeons of poverty and wages, to which criminals and smugglers brought Who managed to get out of jail thanks to his friend Carlos Menem and the Supreme Court of the automatic majority. I’m talking about Macri who was found guilty by the entire chain of justice of smuggling cars through our southern Guelaguetchu.

He was not arrested, nor was his lackey Schieretti.

Tortoise escapes and shows his fury

The Macrista Mafia wanted to intimidate Congress into shutting down if the ruling party persisted with its impeachment plan. For the judicial mafia led by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, They are not achieving it, far from it, negris, ritondos, juez y sia, show little attachment to work, show disinterest in regard to laws and the constitution (have impeachment), desperation to prevent society (numbed by lies and daily operettas) learns of the scandalous scandals of Runfla who resorts to judicial inaction so as not to discover who was behind the assassination attempt on CFK.

It’s complicated for them because it seems the President AF this time is determined to move on and not fight.

Messi the Argentine and the loser who wasn’t

He foiled the plan of the defeated Argentina with our national team and with the genius of Messi. He showed us as incapable of doing anything for more than half the World Cup cycle. ,we are a fucking country JxC’s Cordovan Jerk said, while the speaking and writing clerks in the anti-Argentine media doubled the bet, confirming that Argentina would see the lunch box again.

They lost, they lost. Argentina win, Messi establishes himself And while they (Leuko, Majul, JM Sola…) were swallowing bile, a never-seen-before demonstration of millions of compatriots came out to celebrate. Argentina’s world champion plan was doldrums

The tortoise is running slowly.

To make matters worse, Massa arrived who, due to the unprepared character of the JXC leadership, began to guarantee the true owners of the ball: the U.S.


Macri and his father were prosecuted for smuggling 13,000 vehicles while leading SEVEL. because of which former president passed away thanks to a controversial decision by Court of the “automatic majority” of Menem, At the time, Schieretti was Secretary of Industry and Commerce to the President of La Rioja, and he was the one who, by law, had to control the Macri company. Damage to the state was estimated at 450 million pesos-dollars., A scam with characteristics similar to the Argentine Postal Service loan.

really, on August 8, but in the year 2002, the Supreme Court -with him The majority of Julius Najarin, Edward Moline O’Connor, Antonio Boggiano, William López and Adolf Vazquez, Sentenced with 280 iron, The Macri family must stop the investigation into the smuggling of cars for which they were accused in 1994, (

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