Classic keys –

Classic keys -

The Clásico is a duel capable of eclipsing any other match, especially since a new golden generation lives where the booklets of Xavi Hernández and Carlo Ancelotti stand. The highest parity in these matches since the man from Terrassa was in charge of the Barça bench: four wins for Barcelona and three for Real Madrid. Two teams face each other that have experienced a start to the season where a new set of players shines: like Lamine Yamal and Fermín on the local side or Bellingham on the visitor. Even if the experience is a degree, and the whites have won there (72 Clásicos played so far in 23 of the current Barça squad), there are many technical details that the two coaches have studied down to the millimeter to overcome the their opponent and lead. Where we put the scalpel through Mediacoach data, a tool used by Primera teams to prepare every day.

Pressure after losing a long block

Xavi’s Barcelona were the second team to receive the fewest shots. Like this? Avoid such situations with a lot of physical wear and tear without the ball. The coach emphasizes the steal as soon as possible, the team with the best percentage of quick recovery and the one that involves the most players under pressure after a loss. This is due to the fact that during the offensive part it is the team that plays the lines closest together (in contrast to what usually happens with other teams, which defend closer and are more stretched to attack), which allows the ball to be rescued. in less time. This quick reaction and joining lines allowed Barcelona to be the team that defended the furthest from its goal.

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The white wall

Madrid, on the other hand, were forced to defend more in their area, where they managed to perform in a strong and effective manner. As shown by the fact that they are the team with the fewest goals scored (7). Opponents must shoot an average of 17.7 shots to score against them. And it’s true that Madrid allow chances, but not too many per game. This strength of the last line is motivated by the fact that the defense stops 25% of the shots they receive (fourth best figure in the category) and, as plan b, the whites have the best save record (81.58%). . Although they have problems with lateral centers.

An example of Real Madrid’s defensive efficiency in their area. Carvajal, with the defense in the zone, prevented a goal from Rakitic.

Danger in the game

Success lies in the attack-defense balance. And just as Barça stands out by allowing some arrivals in their area, it also does so as one of the most shooters (2nd, with 162 shots) and scores the most ( 3rd, with 21 goals). It is in the top-5 of the teams that need the fewest shots to see the goal. They achieved these results by showing great potential in their offensive phase, characterized by having very high possessions and creating play through the interior of the field, creating a central lane that allows the last pass to the goal and be the team with the most possessions. dangerous. Although they have a lot of faith in Lewandowski.

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Example of how Barcelona developed its game through the interior of the field to create danger.LALIGA

Power of the set piece

Bellingham’s good marking performance and its ease masked some of Real Madrid’s offensive shortcomings, which were not as effective in their attack as in other seasons (Vinicius’ injury, the drought of Rodrygo and the departure of Benzema). Compared to the Blaugrana’s high assets, the whites bet more on high-impact actions. Madrid is one of the three teams that travel the greatest distance at high intensity (+ 21km/h) and the one with the most possessions at long distance with actions that reach 28km/h. In other words, Real Madrid’s attackers try to create chances with drives that break the opposing defensive line (they are the team with the most complete dribbles and that finish the most possessions in the final third in the opponent’s area) or by players who can penetrate. into space (where Bellingham and Joselu were standing). Ancelotti’s men are widely used in lateral centers and strategic games, especially when they find themselves behind the scoreboard and they use it as a resource to open up bad situations. One thing where they reaped good results, as seven of the 20 white goals came from a cross and they were the team that achieved the most points as a result of set pieces.

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The key players

The secret of Barcelona’s offensive success lies mainly in the two players João Félix (the one who has the highest impact on the actions of the team and who shoots in the middle of three sticks most of the time) and Lewandowski (their great finisher, who collected five goals and three assists). Although it has the wild card of Lamine Yamal, who disturbs the defenses with his passes in the last third of the field and is the main dribbler of the team. Meanwhile Ancelotti has Bellingham as his main star. The Englishman, although he stands out in some games as an all-rounder with his assists and recoveries, shines for his offensive contributions: he is one of the five players with the highest impact actions, among the ten that completed most. dribbles and who makes the most passes to the opponent on the field. But it’s not just talent, it’s also efficiency: he shoots the goal (68% of his shots) in LaLiga, managing to be the top scorer in the competition (8 goals).

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