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Climate Change: How the Sun and Volcanoes Warm Our Planet Life and Knowledge

Germany is currently experiencing the hottest and driest summers ever. Direct result of global warming. Our way of life has pushed the entire planet to the brink of climate collapse.

In reality, however, there have often been catastrophic changes in Earth’s history, as experts speak of natural climate change. Warm periods and cold periods alternate continuously.

BILD calculates the greatest climate catastrophe in human history, how it happened and what the consequences were.

Frozen rivers and cold glaciers: this is how the painter Andreas Shelfhout saw a Dutch city during the Little Ice Age

Photo: Photo Alliance / © Fine Arts Images / Image Heritage

What is causing massive climate change?

The biggest factors affecting our climate are changes in Earth’s orbit, volcanic eruptions, changes in tectonic plates, and changes in major ocean currents.

Professor Heinz Vehner, climate researcher at BILD (University of Bern): “The most important thing in the long term is the position of the Earth with respect to the Sun. Depending on how bright the Sun is on Earth, this can cause either a hotter or a colder time.”

Indonesia'S Tambora Volcano Eruption Leaves The World Without A Year Of Heat

Indonesia’s Tambora volcano eruption leaves the world without a year of heat

Photo: Photo Alliance / The Associated Press

What is the most important natural climate phenomenon?

“Little Ice Age” between 1250 and 1850: Large-scale volcanic eruptions and low solar activity put a double burden on Europe. The results were crop failure and severe famine. People experience very cold and long winters and cold and rainy summers. In London, it froze up to the Thames. In Antwerp, prices increased by 320% in the winter of 1315/16. Millions of people starved or died frozen.

Cultural Decline: Also, severe drought and famine resulted in the movement of the Earth’s orbit and changing ocean currents such as the Incas and Maya in South America that destroyed great cultures for thousands of years! In Africa it affected the kingdoms of Egypt and in the Middle East, Mesopotamia.

Inca Culture Also Declined As A Result Of Years Of Great Drought.

Inca culture also declined as a result of years of great drought.

Photo: Mauritius Images/Sunny Celeste/ImageBROKER

Professor Heinz Waner, who has been a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for many years: “In India and China too, great advanced civilizations are collapsing because of climate change. Even today there are cities that are entirely made of sand. buried beneath.”

Year without summer: The eruption of Tambora, the giant volcano in Indonesia in 1815, caused a serious crisis for people around the world. The eruption followed a year without heat when giant ash clouds darkened the sky. The crop fell and there was a famine. The Tambora explosion was the power of several million hydrogen bombs and could be heard 2,000 kilometers away. More than 90,000 people died.

Desertification: The desert was green in the past centuries due to fluctuations in the Earth’s orbit. In the 3rd century BC between 7500 BC and 3500 BC, rains turned the desert into a green area where elephants and giraffes lived. Where today there are deserts, where almost no people live, there were vast forests and lakes at that time.

Our Earth Is Currently Experiencing A Warm Period Due To Us Humans.  Really It Must Be Cooler

Our earth is currently experiencing a warm period due to us humans. really it must be cooler

Photo: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

And what is the current situation?

In terms of geological history, mankind is actually in a phase of transition from a warm period to a cold period. Between 8000 and 5000 years ago, the atmosphere was noticeably warmer, resulting in the cooling of the Earth. Professor Wanner: “Unfortunately, human-caused climate change is causing the unusually warm periods we are currently experiencing.”

The next ice age will be about 25,000 to 30,000 years old, but whether humanity will survive as a whole is another question…

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