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Climate change reinforces rapid atmospheric rivers that affect California

Las storm that reach the west coast of the United States are getting stronger, This is evidenced by the data that various research centers have been collecting over the past decades. California recently experienced one of those great storms between the end of 2022 and the beginning of this new year.

it has become a gust of wind force that was accelerated by a process explosive cyclogenesisbut also known as a ¨Rio Atmosferico¨, These are essentially rivers of water vapor in the sky that are carried by strong winds in the lower levels of the atmosphere.

California often experiences them during the winter months, which coincide with the rainy season. These rivers are also recorded in many other regions of the world, also in spain Affected us during the last phase of autumn and the beginning of winter.

A deep storm near the coast of Canada and the United States on October 21, 2021. Image: NOAA

Relatively unknown word to many.

Meteorologists started using it vocabulary ¨atmospheric river¨ more frequent in the early 1990s 2010,

it was all thanks satellite images The high resolution shows their formation in remote areas of the ocean. Not even for the masses to have expertise in the matter, it is a term that is still quite unknown.

Atmospheric rivers reach over 3,000 km long and 800 km wide

Atmospheric rivers can be up to 3,500 km long and about 800 km wide. they also expand vertically 3 kilometer high When they reach the western coasts of the continents.

On average, they bring much more rain than normal storms on the West Coast of the United States. transportation as water vapor 25 times the water flow of the Mississippi River When it drops into the Gulf of Mexico, a lot of water.

Rivers of water in the air grow more and more powerful

you grow up water storm They can generate devastating floods, including some of the most intense experienced in a century.

They may be in the nucleus, which means the arrival of a series of storms, such that they will all reach rolling one by one on the conveyor beltOne.

Several times a year they attack the western banks of the river. USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America and New Zealand, But they are not always destructive, sometimes they bring beneficial rainfall to dry areas. They can also positively increase snow cover and help replenish both natural and man-made water reserves.

However, it is difficult to predict for more than a few days where exactly the main part of the atmospheric river will go underground. being so big they can be fickle Because there are many factors that can affect its progress.

both sea ​​surface temperaturelike pocket of cold air In height, the condition of its position and intensity.

20180406 Gfsar
Representation of an atmospheric river carrying water vapor thousands of kilometers from southwestern California to its coast. Image: NOAA

Stronger and more frequent atmospheric rivers are expected in a warmer climate.

places like California, they’re very dependent on water which contribute to these atmospheric rivers. mainly because provide water and ice Fundamental to the supply, and biodiversity of the region.

They can also pose a problem when, as is happening in early 2023, they generate intense and sustained rainfall.

New one NOAA study published in the journal climate dynamicsUses data generated by regional climate models to study and understand the behavior of atmospheric rivers.

The results show that Climate change maybe changing them And will further change them in ways that will make water management in the region more difficult.

except effect that on these atmospheric rivers Such events may be accompanied by natural variability of climate. Boy or girl among others, there are some related to human activity Due to which their behavior changes.

Experts point out that anthropogenic global warming, whether from air masses or ocean waters, is changing them as well.

one side water vapor rises coming from the surface of the sea. on the other hand, it heats the airincreasing its capacity to carry more water vapor, just as these great rivers do in the atmosphere.

As The Planet Continues To Warm, Storms Fed By Rapid Atmospheric Rivers Are Becoming More Intense In California
The California coast bears the effects of this century’s rapid atmospheric rivers through intense rainfall and strong waves.
Photo: USGS

Future scenario of atmospheric rivers in California

range mountains Sierra Nevada They are an irreplaceable component of California’s current water system. snow cape in High Sierra it serves as a vast reservoirReleasing clean water during the snowmelt season.

sixty percent california water supply originates in the sierras higher altitude. More than 75 percent of Californians drink water produced from snow that accumulates in that mountain range.

It is also observed that dynamics of ice behavior accumulated changed over the years and their fusion begins much earlier than decades ago.

What’s more, more than half of climate model calculations in a recent NOAA study show that the Sierra Nevada snowpack will experience a significant decrease in precipitation by 2100.

Snow cover in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California will decrease significantly by 2100

While this happens in the mountains, Great Dry Basin of Southern California can benefit from a increased rainfallGenerating a generally wetter landscape in an area that is now more arid.

what is it anyway future climate scenario It is that the nature of rainfall will change. they wait Heavy rainMore continuous but at the same time more intermittent over longer time scales.

together as always New sign of climate changeThe lime in this corner of the planet on which many others depend and most of the water will be in a landscape of frequent meteorological fluctuations.

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