Closer – Exercise reduces cancer risk: Dr. Icharri's patients

Closer - Exercise reduces cancer risk: Dr. Icharri's patients

Physical exercise reduces the risk of cancer by 30%. It is also very beneficial for patients who are already suffering from it, reducing the risk of death by 20%.

This 4th February is World Cancer Day. According to World Health Organization data, cancer cases worldwide will increase by 77% to 35 million in 2050. In our country, about 287,000 new diagnoses will be registered in 2024, an increase of 2.6% compared to last year.

According to a study by Spanish Society of Medical Oncology Physical exercise reduces the risk of suffering from cancer by 30%, but it is also very beneficial for patients who already suffer from it, reducing the risk of death by 20%. Currently, there are some hospital units that recommend physical exercise along with cancer treatment. One of them is the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés, Madrid. Your Breast Cancer Manager, Maria Jose Echeri has formed a group of patients who frequently go hiking. We have gone out on the road with them. It is 12 kilometers away with viewpoints of the Cercedilla (Madrid mountain range).

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We chat to some of them on the way. mary angels -They call him Nine-. She is 46 years old and has metastatic breast cancer. It was discovered during her pregnancy in 2020 and she had to undergo an abortion. Despite the severity of the condition, he endured chemotherapy treatments which he combined with exercise. He tells us that “Exercise is helping me a lot because my safety is always very high in all my monthly check-ups. In three years I have not needed any medicine, nor any transfusion or Of something.”

After talking to the nines, we’re together Raquel, She is 47 years old and has had metastatic breast cancer with bone involvement since 2014. She talks about an invisible tumor, calling for research and more information about this type of cancer. She tells us that “it is worrying to know when the treatment will stop working.” Regarding exercise, he explains, “It’s been part of my treatment. It’s like a pill I take at night and like the treatment they give me when I go to the hospital every 21 days. ” Furthermore, she tells us that she is “happy with the group she hikes with. In this way, the situation has been humanized. And it’s all thanks to Dr. Ichari.”

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Surely, a little higher awaits us Maria Jose Echeri, He is responsible for all this. He is oncologist responsible for the breast unit at the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganes (Madrid). They created the group in 2018, when they started training a group of breast cancer patients_ “During the pandemic we managed to train from home together with the coach, but then the idea came to get together and go to the mountains. Common “Typically there are 3 or 4 a year.” They do this with other support colleagues in the hospital, such as nurses and other doctors. He says that “physical exercise is good before cancer – because it prevents many tumors, during the disease – because it helps to improve the immune system – and after cancer – because it helps you recover. and prevents new tumors from emerging.” Finally he confessed to us: He took a day off from work to go on a trip and the nurses are sometimes on 24-hour duty. But this is not an obstacle to being next to these patients.

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