Closer to the streets: Tesla announced that it will deliver the first Cybertruck units on November 30


This is the most anticipated product of Tesla for many years and has gathered a long waiting list of more than 250,000 units, although its final characteristics have not been confirmed, but without a doubt the arrival it will change the market and it is finally approaching. every fulfill. After announcing the start of its production in July, the Silicon Valley company committed to deliver the first Cybertruck units by November 30.

This was shown through Twitter (or “X”) of the company itself along with an image where three units were seen being transported, as it could not be, in a Tesla Semi, the company’s 100% electric truck. While waiting for the data and the final configuration, we observed that these units are almost identical to the 2019 prototype.

Let’s review the characteristics of the concept: the most remarkable thing is, without a doubt, its appearance: its triangular design has no space for any curve, each union of lines ends in an edge that is questionable of a pedestrian protection or even protection. taking into account the ergonomics that go up inside. The entire forward sector rises in the same line towards the roof, which is cut by another until the end of the cargo box, which, in fact, is completely integrated into the cabin, it has a cap that covers it completely.

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The platform is monocoque type, so it doesn’t have a stringer chassis like traditional pickups. However, Tesla emphasizes the strength of its structure, built with stainless steel and high resistance steel, which at the same time gives it something different: it is resistant to bullets and also has a reinforced glass, so it’s also futuristic armored. truck. With its luxurious appearance it is difficult to get an idea of ​​its size, but it is known that it measures 5.88 meters in length – similar to an F-150 – and its cargo box is 1.98 meters long. on.

Inside, pure minimalism: no commands or knobs, the dashboard consists only of a rectangular steering wheel and a floating screen where all the functions are activated and the various parameters of the car are controlled. Its capacity to carry up to 6 passengers is also remarkable, with two rows of seats with three seats each – the central seats are slightly smaller than the ones at the ends.

The American company also does not reject the idea that it is a work car, although of course, under its own interpretation, where in addition to unprecedented capabilities it also promises to stand for its performance. In that sense, he announced that the order will be made in three alternatives:

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The most basic and accessible – which also fulfills the promise of less than US $ 50,000 since Musk announced the price of US $ 39,900 -, called Single Motor, has an electric motor and rear-wheel drive that will allow it to accelerate quickly. 0 to 96 km/h (0 to 100 miles per hour) in 6.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 177 HP, with a range of 402 kilometers. The loading capacity will be 1.59 tons and the towing capacity will be 3.4 tons. This will be the last to be launched, because, as usual, to accommodate the production volume, Tesla first started selling the most expensive versions.

The second version is the Dual Motor, with two motors – one on each axle, so it has all-wheel drive -, it is able to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in 4.5 seconds and achieve at a maximum of 193 km/h. Its loading capacity is 1.59 tons and towing capacity is 4.5 tons, while its range is 483 kilometers.

Finally, the third variant is the Tri Motor, powered by three electric motors, with all-wheel drive and impressive performance: 0 to 96 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 210 km/h maximum speed, with load capacity of 1.59 tons and tow of 6.3 tons, higher than other full size pickups. Its autonomy will be 805 kilometers.

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The entire range has a 110/220V outlet with an air compressor in the cargo box that works powered by the car’s battery and allows you to connect any type of devices. In addition, it also has a variable height pneumatic suspension, which facilitates the task of loading and unloading and the clearance – reaches up to 40.6 centimeters, with an angle of attack of 33 degrees.

Another strange thing is that Tesla and its own founder, Elon Musk, made it clear that reaching the right production rate and making the pickup profitable will take time but is on schedule because of its advanced technology: “It’s a great product, maybe our best product, but it needs a lot of work to achieve value production and positive cash flow at a price people can afford. This is normal when you have a product with a lot of new technology, as different and advanced as it is. “If you want to do something radical and new, you have to invent not only the car, but the way to do it, “ he admitted. In short, the initial production is expected to be 125,000 units per year to reach, in 2025, 250,000 units when the Texas Gigafactory is fully operational.