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Thursday, April 15, 2021

CM Kejriwal said this regarding vaccination among the growing Corona Cases

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new Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal said that Corona cases are under control in Delhi right now. He also said that this wave is not as dangerous as it was before. Simultaneously, CM Kejriwal also said that if the central government allows vaccination on a war footing, it will help a lot to control the corona.

The Chief Minister said that we are facing two types of problems. One is that the Central Government has issued a guideline that wherever there is vaccination, it can be done only within the hospital and health facility. It was initially feared that if some side effects of vaccination occurred or a reaction occurred, there should be a facility immediately so that it could be treated. But now it has been 3 months while vaccinating. Only yesterday, we have vaccinated 71 thousand people, in which only 4 people had some trouble, but all of them got well in one or two hours and went home. It is now clear that the vaccine is safe.

Now if the central government allows us to do vaccination on a large scale, then we can start vaccination at war level by making facilities in community centers, schools etc. If a vaccination campaign has been started on a war footing, I think we will be of great help in controlling the corona. Appropriate arrangements can be made about that, wherever there is vaccination, arrange for an ambulance and first aid immediately. If someone has a reaction, they can be arranged to take care of it, but if we do not allow it in the non-health facility, then there is a limit beyond which we will not be able to go out.

Everyone should allow vaccination- Kejriwal:

The central government should remove the clause of the age of 45 and allow everyone to do vaccination so that they can get rid of corona. CM Arvind Kejriwal also said that- “I hope that the Central Government will look into this and allow the State Governments to do vaccination at their level.” I appeal to the public once again that the people of Delhi have shown great work and we will definitely be able to control this fourth wave, but appeal to you to wear a mask, do social distancing and your hands Continue to clean with soap or sanitizer.


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