CM Punk and Randy Orton returned to RAW after their appearance at Survivor Series

CM Punk and Randy Orton returned to RAW after their appearance at Survivor Series

Finally, after a wait that felt too long, CM Punk and Randy Orton They reappeared in a Monday Night RAW after his epic participation in Survivor Series on Saturday, and just like last week, one showed his magic in the ring, while the other returned to take the microphone from WWE after almost 10 years absence.

The ‘Apex Predator’ is announced to start the night with his return speech, while the self-proclaimed ‘Best In The World’ will be the highlight of the end of the night, where he will give his point of view on his long-awaited. and long-awaited return to the company where he lived his best moments as a professional wrestler.

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‘I came to make money’

“It’s like hell has frozen over,” he began. CM Punk in reference to that speech where he said that he will only return to WWE if this is the case. Later, after thanking the fans for their support, he assured that the company is his home and that no matter who supports him or not, he came to prove that he is the best in the world.

“Everyone welcomed me back with open arms, or at least almost everyone. Some are afraid of the truth, but I understand that everything I want is already here. The best in the world hasn’t been here in almost 10 years. I understand that they are afraid that I will set the bar too high. “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money,” Punk said as part of his intervention.

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However, during his speech, he made several references to characters such as Dusty Rhodes, Paul Heyman and his wife April Méndez, known as AJ Lee during his time in WWE, as well as his famous speech known as the ‘Pipe Bomb’, in which he launched several out-of-character criticisms towards many wrestlers and company executives.

Randy Orton, you’re more awesome than ever

Previously, to open the program, Randy Orton shows a ring Monday Night RAW after more than 500 days absence. During his speech, he made it clear that his ambition is to exterminate all members of the The Blood Line however, interrupted by Rhea Ripley who mocked him for his defeat of the Judgment Day on War Games.

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Once the women’s world champion rules that she has a new enemy, it is attacked by Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonaugh before rejecting the aggression and hurting the Irishman with an RKO. Immediately, he challenged his son Rey Mysterio in a fight, where the ‘Apex Predator’ was merciless and took a resounding victory.