Cogia wins its first customer from Japan

Frankfurt technology company Kogia GmbH, a specialist for AI-based solutions in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Customer Satisfaction Management and Media Monitoring, successfully executed a project with its first customer from Japan, the “United Aluminum Corporation of Japan” (UACJ). fulfills. ) far.

UACJ is a major manufacturer of aluminum rolled products, primarily for companies in the automotive and packaging industries. Cogia supports UACJ with its AI-based solution for analyzing web and social media data.

“With this project, we are one major step closer to our goal of gaining a foothold in the Japanese market,” I know der Vostand Pascal Lauria. “We look forward to future projects with UACJ and are grateful for the confidence in our solutions.”

Cogia was able to prove its mettle and convince its first Japanese customer with great results, so that the latter agreed to be available for Cogia as a reference customer.

All about Cogia

Kogia is a provider of AI-based and patented semantic solutions in the field of “Big Data Analytics” and media monitoring technology. The company provides products for intelligent information search, organization and analysis for the web and social media. It aims to support companies and organizations in optimal use of available information by using automated processes to develop the content of existing digitized knowledge and process it in a structured manner. In 2020, the company expanded its product portfolio with new solutions in the area of ​​”customer satisfaction”: Cogia Customer Experience Manager (Cogia CXM). Cogia supports clients of executives, businesses, agencies and NGOs in evaluating Internet information, including Fortune 500 clients.


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