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Colombian actress Lorna Cepeda from ‘Ugly Betty’ introduces us to her fabulous family

Known for playing the role of Patricia in the Colombian telenovela ‘Pelitanida’ ugly Betty, Lorna Cepeda continues to conquer acting – he’s one of the protagonists until money separates us, from Netflix—and over the years she’s also built a beautiful family with whom she poses for the first time. The actress has three children: Daniela, 31; Nathaniel, 28, and Mariano, 26; Even his daughter is the mother of two children.

Lorna Cepeda

Lorna Cepeda

The extraordinary combination of knowledge, passion and of course infectious joy is the reason for her success not only in Colombia, but also in the many countries where she has worked. She’s done movies, television, theater, participated in reality shows, and even been a model, but beyond all avenues she’s conquered, as a mother of three and now a grandmother. Her role has been impeccable. His home is in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California (Mexico). Her new love, Colombian Juan David Solorzano, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than two years And got engaged last year.

Lorna Cepeda With Her Family

Lorna Cepeda with her family

About life, love, her health, which was affected when she was diagnosed with skin cancer, we talked about an electric trip she made to visit her family in Bogotá and her children, with She agreed to pose before starting a tour of different countries. he submits his work Lal Diwan,

What has happened to your life since then? ugly Betty,

Being in that novel meant a 180-degree turn in my life. I was just starting out in my career when we started recording; I was an actress for two years and I am only grateful as there is no doubt that it was a blessing as I quickly jumped into internationalisation. I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play many other characters, but people remember Patricia fondly and go crazy when they see me in other countries, after it was re-aired a few years ago. Too.

After almost 25 years of this iconic story, how do you see Patricia Fernandez today keeping in mind the change in the world in terms of gender roles, workplace harassment, women’s independence, conservatism, etc.?

True, I see it that way; I don’t think she’s changed much. These types of people don’t change much. I would have loved a story where she hit rock bottom and had to change her way of life and mindset but that wasn’t the case so I guess she met someone who fulfilled her dreams or still Marcella Connected to Valencia. She is not going to go through jobs the way we want her to, which is to say she is trying to be herself or come out as a strong woman.

Lorna Cepeda With Her Daughter

Lorna Cepeda with her daughter

Let’s go to the personal level, yours, Lorna’s. How do you feel as a mother now that your kids are all grown up?

I want to tell people who are about to have children or who have just become parents that the anxiety they feel because they are always right will never go away. As long as you’re alive and you’re a mother, there’s no way you can tear yourself away from them, in the sense that you want to provide them with goodness, give them a hand when they need it. I am always with them when they want and when they don’t (laughs).

And how do you approach your role as a grandmother now and what do you enjoy most about your grandchildren? What parenting advice do you give to your own children?

I love my 2 year old and 6 month old grandchildren. I don’t give them parenting advice, because the truth is, I want to spoil them all the time. What do they say about grandparents who don’t want them to do anything? I went with my kids and I’m a hen mom, so you can imagine how I am with my grandchildren. Unfortunately I can’t stay with them as long as I want because I travel a lot and I’m not in Bogotá, but when I come, I don’t let them go.

what do your kids do? How are they?

My three children are very nice, they are good, hardworking, respectable people. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Daniela, the eldest, is a communicator; Mariano is a graphic designer, and Nathaniel is a publicist.

Lorna Cepeda With Her Family

Lorna Cepeda with her family

Tell us about your new dream, about your boyfriend Juan David. how did they meet? What do you most enjoy doing together? Why do you love her?

He is an amazing person. I never thought that after seven years of being alone, I would find someone so close. I wasn’t looking for a partner, I was very quiet and I was very independent because I have never been with anyone since I separated; I’ve had boyfriends, but not on this plan. We have a great relationship, we are on our honeymoon, but the truth is that we work every day to strengthen our love. It’s true that you have to water the mulch every day.

When will they get married? Where?

Ever since we got engaged, we both have a lot of work and it hasn’t been possible to have time to organize the wedding we dream of. We don’t have any wishes, we just want to do it well, so I think it will be for next year.

Where will they live?

We’re living in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, but we’re also in other countries like Mexico and of course Colombia, where we travel to be with family more or less once every two months.

Do you consider yourself an accomplished woman?

No, I still have a lot to do, to live. At the moment I am living many of the things I dreamed of, so I am enjoying everything that is happening to me in work, family and love.

Lorna Cepeda With Her Family

Lorna Cepeda with her family

What is the key to happiness?

Have a good outlook on life; That is all. I always recommend to have a rich spiritual life along with faith. Laugh as much as you can, even in difficult moments, without stopping to cry when necessary. I have stopped suffering so much, complaining all the time and I want to be happy all the time.

How are you in health? Should you go for regular check-ups after being diagnosed with skin cancer?

Thank god I’m fine. I pass examinations and go to the oncologist every six months, although they should be annual, but I prefer not to neglect myself. Right now I’m checking a few things on my thyroid as there are some small lumps showing up, but everything is fine.

Have having it changed your habits in any way?

I try to eat healthy, but I don’t limit myself in anything. I live to the fullest and enjoy this second chance that life has given me. Before I used to eat very badly, now I try to mix everything up; I am not fit, nor a vegetarian, but I want to have a balanced diet.

What dreams do you have left to fulfill?

several. I believe that everything is complicated to accomplish, but what I ask for in life is to be able to enjoy my children, my grandchildren. My mom died when I was very young and I didn’t have time to enjoy her, so I want to grow up to be an old lady surrounded by all of them.

Lorna Cepeda With Her Family

Lorna Cepeda with her family

“We have the best mom in the world”

Daniela, Mariano and Nathaniel love their mother. All three hug and kiss him. Also, there is something they do all the time and which they have inherited from them, laugh. “She’s so funny, she always has a smile to light up our lives,” he says. But apart from the joy that she brings to them, all three agree that she is a brave and fighting woman. “What I admire most about my mother is her courage; She’s not one to give up easily, and I aspire to be like that,” says Nathaniel. Mariano says, “She is the best mother, she is always there when we need her and her love for us is infinite.” And if we talk about stories, each one has its own special, but Daniela says that she slept with him till he left the house. “I can’t imagine a night by her side.”

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