Colombian futsal team with strong steps in the Copa America: 2-1 win over Venezuela

Colombian futsal team with strong steps in the Copa America: 2-1 win over Venezuela

This Sunday, on the 3rd of the Copa America to be held on Paraguay’s soil, the Colombian futsal team defeated Venezuela 2-1 in a tough match.

The goals for our ‘Tricolour’ were from Angelote Caro and Jorge Cuervo. Maikel Torres composed the score for the cast of ‘Vinotinto’.

The Colombian futsal team came out with everything, began to settle on the field to understand Venezuela and the insistence bore fruit, as the void was broken in favor of our national team.

Angelote Caro charged with power and position to beat the opponent goalkeeper thus making the score 1–0. ‘Coffee’ Glee!

But Venezuela reacted quickly and a lack of concentration in Colombia’s defense gave the ball to Maikel Torres, who made the score 1–1 without a goalkeeper between his three sticks.

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Colombia and Venezuela in game action at the Copa America Futsal 2024.

In the second half, the rivals complicated the Colombian futsal team and then the icon of the day appeared, the goalkeeper José Sánchez, who repeatedly took away everything from the Venezuelan players, leaving the ‘tricolor’.

After holding on, the national team got its reward when, in a good collective game, with patience and good decisions, Harrison Santos left it to Jorge Cuervo, who only had to advance the ball for a 2–1 and Colombian victory.

When will the Colombian futsal team play again in the Copa America 2024?

This Monday our team will get a day’s rest and on Tuesday, February 6 at 3:00 pm they will face Chile. The last match in Group A will be against Paraguay.

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It is worth remembering that the Colombian futsal team has a perfect score so far, as they first beat Ecuador 5-1 and now beat Venezuela 2-1.

The Copa America Futsal will give four places to the World Cup in Uzbekistan, so if they advance to the final round of the current competition, the ‘Tricolor’ will be in the orbital program.


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