Colombian man extradited to US to face narco-terrorism case

NEW YORK ( Associated Press) – A Colombian man was brought to New York Friday to face charges that he attempted to strike an arms deal with drug-dealing terrorist groups and posing as a trophy for the murder of a US agent. expected to do.

Carlos Fernando Melo, 58, was expected to appear in Manhattan federal court to face charges of narco-terrorism, firearms and drug trafficking. It was not immediately clear who would represent him in court.

Authorities said he was arrested by Colombian authorities on April 20 at the request of the United States. He said Mello didn’t realize that the people he believed to be arms smugglers were actually secret sources from the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

In court documents, officials said Mello tried from September 2019 to December 2019 to purchase explosives and firearms, including machine guns, for use by two organizations he believed to be arms smugglers, then by the State Department for foreign terrorist organizations. were designated as: Fuerzas Armadas Revoluciarias de Colombia (“FARC”) and Ejercito de Liberaci√≥n Nacional (“ELN”).

In a release, US Attorney Damian Williams said Mello tried to negotiate machine-gun deals with known narco-terrorist organizations and hoped to kill “a DEA agent abroad as a trophy”.

“Mello’s extradition today ensures that he will be held accountable on US soil for allegedly targeting DEA special agents committed to fighting the illegal drug trade,” Williams said.

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said the extradition fulfills the DEA’s central mission of “targeting the most dangerous, most brutal drug-traffickers who threaten our communities for their own benefit.”


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