Colombian President Confirms Uruguayan Narco Marseille Ordered Pekki’s Assassination

On his Twitter account, Colombian President Gustavo Petro indicated that the assassination of Marcelo Pecchi was ordered by Uruguay’s narco Sebastián Marcet, who is part of the Clan Infran in Paraguay.

In recent days, the Colombian press leaked information about the statements of the man accused of the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi, who said that the attack was ordered from Paraguay.

This Friday, the President of the Republic of Colombia, recently in office, directly accused Uruguay, based in Paraguay, Sebastián Marcet, as the moral author of the attack against Marcelo Pecchi.

On his Twitter account, Gustavo Petro said that “the investigation into the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pechi by Uruguayan drug smuggler Marcet in Colombian territory shows that drug trafficking has not been a long-term Colombian-American bilateral problem.” is and is today. The American problem and around the world”.

Petro cited an article by the independent media Rebellion on the social network, which was signed by Uruguayan journalist Luvis Hochimin Pareja, detailing the levels of Sebastien Marset’s involvement.

“Marset, 31, previously associated with the Uruguayan cartel and head of a criminal organization in Paraguay dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering, one of the intellectual writers of the crime, has been a Uruguayan and Paraguayan fugitive from justice when He obtained a passport from the Government of Uruguay, which allowed him to leave Dubai, which was withdrawn by lawyer Alejandro Balbi. No comment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the government of the right-wing Luis Lacalle”, refers to the above article. Is.

“Marset’s name came to justice following the statement of Correa, a 43-year-old man who was identified as the perpetrator of Pekki’s murder. According to the investigation, the Marset organization provided money, logistics and information to kill prosecutor Pekki, who requested an arrest warrant for five of the seven Infran brothers on April 22, 2022,” he points out.

“Thus, based on the testimony of Korea, the investigations conducted by the authorities of Colombia, Paraguay and the United States point against the Insfran clan, a cocaine trafficking network led by Miguel ngel Infran Galliano and Uruguayan Sebastián Marcet Cabrera, “They say.


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