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Color Psychology: Why is everything painted red and green at Christmas?

now we are in Christmas, Streets lit up, trees decorated with huge balls, tinsel and garlands, Christmas carols, shopping for gifts and meetings and festivities take place on these dates including red and green It seems that they pervade everything.

But why are these two colors the ones that predominate on these dates? We satiate our curiosity and find out what’s behind it color psychology At this special time of year. these are Why everything is painted red and green at Christmas,

origin of christmas colors

celebration of joy

Silver Disc
Silver disc with representation of the undefeated Sun – British Museum / Photo: Wikimedia Carol Raddato CC BY-SA 2.0

there are many reasons rojo And this verde Huh most important colors of christmasSo we can say that it is this combination of meanings that has kept them up to date and does not seem to be the case in the decades to come.

one of them comes from a pagan festival celebration of joy ,celebration of joy), festivals that were celebrated by the Romans between 17 and 23 December winter solsticeIn honor of Lord Shani. During these dates, roles and social conventions are reversed while family members exchange gifts to each other.

During Saturnalia they decorate their homes and present holly branches To attract good luck and a prosperous life, and it is said that they were also used to decorate gifts with their fruits and leaves. In addition, another very important celebration was celebrated between 22 and 25 December: the Surya Ajay’s birthday or the birth of undefeated sunwhose prime date was 25 December,

popularity of pagan festival It was such that the first Christians assimilated them to put an end to their pagan character. then he went to Christmas and related rojo with the color of shed the blood of christInstead of red berries of holly.

After this in the fourteenth century AD iglesias they used green and red for Decorate Wooden Partition Which separated the places of the temples. Both colors continued to make their way into the collective memory.

Celtic Holi Traditions

Holi/Photo: Pixabay

Another reason why everything is painted red and green at Christmas Traditions of the Ancient Celts, Once again, the celebration of the event revolves around winter solsticewhen he put holly in their homes, which they believed to invoke good luck in the hopes of attracting them protection of their families against evil spirits,

Holly, a tree with dark green leaves and red fruit, is still one of the stars of Christmas mistletoe, sacred to the Celts. because when he holly ,aquifolium holly) is a shrub about 20 cm tall mistletoe ,viscus album) is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on the trunk of trees such as oaks. Both species were sacred to the Celts.

Victorian age

Victorian Christmas Cards
Victorian Christmas Card / Photo: Pixabay

use of red and green It gradually established itself in the collective memory, relating it to winter festivities and festivities, and it grew during the Victorian era in the mid-19th century. Lot’s of traditions and customs which we repeat today, like popularizing advent calendar And this card to wish christmas,

But then houses were also decorated advent wreath, made of branches and green leaves, often holly. Every Sunday of Advent they added a red candleSo red and green continued with Christmas prominence.

In addition, the colors prevail socks Those who were hanged near the fireplace were also there. And with regard to churches, the style of those red and green divisions was recovered in medieval temples.

Santa Claus and Coca Cola

Santa Claus
Santa Claus/Photo: Unsplash

But we have to go back to the 20th century for that rojo And this verde they will all stain christmas decorative elements, this happened when Illustrator Haddon Sundblom Santa Claus designed for Coca Cola Christmas Campaign In 1964. since then this artist is known as modern father christmas,

Until that time, Santa Claus appeared differently, was usually thinner, and had no official costume. It was Sundblom who decided to present her plump, cheerful and red dressLike the soft drink logo.

joint with pines and hollyAnd with its huge advertising exposure, it had an even greater impact so that since then we associate red and green with winter and Christmas, and those colors stain many shop windows, homes and Christmas decorations.

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