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COLUMN: ‘Hometown USA’ made a good impression on new family members

DAVID BLOW Special for The Post-Star

I asked my daughter’s new in-laws from Spain what was the most memorable or eye-catching thing about America, having been here almost a week to see their son marry my daughter.

Number one: The wedding. Perhaps predictable because it was amazing and the reason for the visit!

Number three: The green (green) and the trees.

Fernando González and his wife Cristina Rodríguez were a little afraid to come here, my daughter Kirsti told me.

The US headlines in Spain these days involve shootings, shootings, social protests, political upheaval and more shootings.

So for them to say “the people” has been so memorable, well, it made me feel good.

That’s what I wanted to happen.

To be fair, Cristina was also anxious to travel due to a past bad experience in England with unhelpful airline workers. But our country’s recent spate of murders has also been quite shocking to many of us who live here, so I understand your concern.

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But this is not a column of weapons.

This is an upbeat and proud column about us here in the Glens Falls area.

In their time here, they attended a perfect Thursday night wedding at our home between Miguel and Kirsti.

Fernando, Cristina, and Miguel’s brother, Pablo, met almost 100 of our friends and family and, despite a fairly significant language barrier, mingled with all of them.

At one point, I saw Fernando, 63, shake my dad’s hand near the bar, but I was pretty sure they weren’t the new family connection.

When he returned to his table, I approached Fernando and tried to tell him that I had just shaken hands with my “father” (one of the 10 words in Spanish that I know).

He understood and smiled, and I walked in the other direction. When I turned around, Fernando was heading back to my dad to try to chat and acknowledge what he had said.

Now, my 82-year-old dad can’t hear and Fernando can’t speak English (although a little better than my Spanish), but when I came back, they were working with smiles and laughter, and Pablo was translating a bit.

But beyond the wedding, they fell in love with Michelle Jones and her Glens Falls Inn, where they stayed.

They had a great time at their friend Bob Bishop’s lakeside spot at Hadlock Pond.

They loved Sunnyside Par 3, where we got to play golf and have lunch while Kirsti played some tunes on her guitar.

And they were wide-eyed walking my dog ​​with me in Crandall Park and Cole’s Woods, at one point saying it was “like a jungle.” They also asked me if I knew everyone there because so many others were walking by like us and everyone was waving.

I told them no, but that’s pretty common around here to greet people, whether you know them or not.

On Monday, they will leave for New York City to see the sights for a couple of days before flying back.

I hope NYC doesn’t screw it up!

The sites are cool and historic and there is art and culture in everything from the architecture to the food.

But the millions of people on the streets won’t wave, and the green and trees are practically cornered in Central Park. It’s electric, but it’s not us here in the North Country.

I had no real preconceived notions about my future in-laws prior to their arrival. And I only knew his son on FaceTime, to be honest, but I liked what he knew and how he was treating my firstborn.

But now, after spending days with them, I feel better about my daughter probably living the rest of her life billions of miles away. While that distance will be difficult, I love Miguel and her spirit and energy and I’m sure he will treat Kirsti with respect and care for her.

But now I also trust that Fernando and Cristina will treat her like their daughter and come to the rescue if necessary, as I would if I were there.

I am glad that the people in our area have made a great impression on my new family members from Spain who had never been to the United States. I’m glad you can come back and tell your friends and family that we are so much more than the headlines.

And I want you to know that you made a big impression on us too. My mom was excited about how they are such a nice family. The friends who have spent more time with them have said the same thing, so I share it with you.

I hope to make a similar impression when we return to Spain to meet with your friends and family.

David Blow is a freelance journalist and Professor of Media and Communication at Castleton University. He lives in Queensbury. He can be reached at [email protected]

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