Comgen Agus Andrianto’s instincts are strengthened by the confession of Bripca RR, who did not witness the sexual assault at Magalang.

Insting Komjen Agus Andrianto Dikuatkan Oleh Pengakuan Bripka RR yang Tak Lihat Pelecehan Seksual di Magelang

Comgen Agus Andrianto's instincts are strengthened by the confession of Bripca RR, who did not witness the sexual assault at Magalang.

Bripka RR did not see any sexual assault of daughter Chandravati by Brigadier J at Magalang. – Screenshot of Plori TV-

JAKARTA, DISWAY.ID Brigadier J’s allegation of sexual harassment against daughter Chandravati was further refuted by Brigadier Ricky Rizal’s confession.

It was also reinforced by the confession of Bripka RR to the instincts of comgen Agus Andrianto, who had not witnessed the sexual assault in Magalang.

RR Brypka’s statement was disclosed by his lawyer Erman Omar.

Erman explained that the Brippa RR had recruited Brigadier J.

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From his confession, Bripka RR said that that afternoon he and Brigadier J had gone to see daughter Chandravati who was in his room.

At that time, Brigadier J took Brigadier J to meet Chandravati, the daughter lying in the room.

“When Brigadier J entered, Brigadier RR was waiting at the door, but did not hear the conversation between daughter Chandravati and Brigadier J,” Erman said in an interview on private television.

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Erman also said that when he asked about sexual violence or what was unusual at the meeting, Bripka RR said that he did not see sexual harassment at Magelung and was not aware of it.

The issue of sexual assault arose after Comnas HAM disclosed in one of his recommendations to the police following the investigation into the shooting of Brigadier J by Ferdi Sambo at his home in Duren Tiga.

Comgen agus, if you look at the cases in Magalang, it is difficult to investigate, which is hampered by a lack of evidence.



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