Comic Janey Godley accepts she ‘may be facing death’ amid ovarian cancer battle

Much-loved comedian Janey Godley has bravely opened up about her ovarian cancer battler after being diagnosed in November as she shares her fears about ‘facing death’

Comic Janey Godley accepts she 'may be facing death' amid ovarian cancer battle
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Comedian Janey Godley has explained that she has accepted she ‘may be facing death’.

The 60-year-old star revealed her ovarian cancer diagnosis in November 2021, and she has been sharing updates ever since.

Janey’s latest health update left her adoring fans heartbroken as she shared her fears that her life may be coming to an end.

The much-loved comedian admitted she had been resisting the fact she has a ‘life threatening’ condition until a recent epiphany came over her.

Janey recently realized that she has ‘no control over’ over her illness as she continues to fight amid her cancer diagnosis.

Comedian Jane Godley reveals that she realises she ‘may be facing death’



Opening up about her cancer battle on her Facebook page, Janey shared a heartbreaking image of herself laying down in bed alongside her beloved pooch.

The comedian has lost her hair as she continues to undergo chemotherapy.

“I think I’ve had an epiphany, I have been resisting the fact I have a life threatening cancer,” Janey penned.

“I have tried to ‘fight and be strong’ instead of accepting that this whole year I just may be facing death or survival of something I have no real control over.

Janey was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2021



“I appreciate all the amazing support and I believe my mental health will improve if I just lean into the fact that this cancer is happening. I am not alone, millions of people survive this disease and living with it isn’t a failure – maybe I don’t have to fight every thing that happens to me and trust the science?”

Janey has remained incredibly honest and up front throughout her cancer battle, and she recently admitted that at times, she has found it extremely tough both mentally and physically.

Back in November, Janey shared the sad news of her cancer diagnosis on social media as she tweeted a picture of herself in a hospital bed.

The 60-year-old penned: “Sorry but my last weekend of the tour can’t go ahead in Edinburgh and Musselburgh as I am in hospital with ovarian cancer – look after each other. #MentalHealthMatters”

Janey shared the sad news of her cancer diagnosis on social media as she tweeted a picture of herself in a hospital bed



The comedian found viral fame with her dubbed pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus news briefings during the pandemic.

She featured in Scottish Government coronavirus adverts but they were pulled after offensive tweets by her came to light following an investigation by the Daily Beast website.

The news broke soon after the Covid-19 ads featuring Ms Godley, for which she was paid £12,000, were released.

The comedian has since profusely apologised for the tweets and donated the fee she was paid by the Scottish Government to charity.

Janey has been showered with love and praise from her adoring admirers amid her cancer battle.

Janey has kept her fans updated on her health amid her cancer battle



Following her latest post, her Facebook followers commended her on her bravery as she continues to fight her illness.

“Accepting our current positions is hugely difficult to do – well done on an amazing step forward. Remember to always be kind to yourself,” one fan gushed.

“You have a great attitude towards it Janey, keep going one day at a time. You’ve acknowledged it and totally aware of keeping your mental health healthy, which is half the battle,” echoed another.

Meanwhile, a third penned: “You are an amazing person Janey. You’re in my prayers – stay strong.”

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