Commitment to the field and leader in animal nutrition

Commitment to the field and leader in animal nutrition

COPASA currently has more than 2,600 farmers and ranchers in the provinces of Salamanca, Avila, Zamora, Cáceres and Madrid and its main activity is the production of quality forage for Iberian pigs, cattle and sheep (in 2022 more were produced and distributed). (more than 127,000 tons of feed at the Salamanca and Santa Marta plants), the marketing of the beef production of its partners with the certification of the “Ternera Charra” and the “Tierra de Sabor” guarantee mark, veterinary advice at farm level, animal health service, fertilizers and fuels home.

In recent years, the growth and solvency of the cooperative has been remarkable, reaching a turnover of almost 58 million euros in 2022, representing a sustainable annual growth of 12%.

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The new feed factory in Salamanca, equipped with the most advanced production technology and energy efficiency, today allows the cooperative to offer the livestock sector the best nutritional quality, traceability of the production process and food safety, under the motto “total control and respect for half”. “. In 2021, after a profound reform, the new factory in Santa Marta was opened, specializing in natural and à la carte feeds.

COPASA faces the future and focuses on research and development in the agricultural sector; The cooperative is currently involved in various research and development projects aimed at improving the lives and businesses of farmers and ranchers, including an innovative waste treatment system on the pig farm itself that eliminates bad odors and the development of a new management system for livestock farms Cattle, based on new information technologies. In addition, the company has created the iBENUCOP consortium with two companies from the agri-food sector to manage innovative projects focused on the production of Iberian pigs.

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Already in 2020, it launched an ambitious program to develop Iberian pig production in Salamanca, within the framework of an integration system through agreements with Castilla y León agricultural cooperatives and the meat industry, opening new business opportunities to its members.

In 2023, the cooperative is firmly committed to the production of quality beef, strengthening its alliance with Ternera Charra and building a modern cooperative fattening facility that will be operational by the end of this year, 2023.

The cooperative, as outlined in its Strategic Plan 2021-25, faces future challenges and projects with renewed enthusiasm and confidence, always under the criteria of trust, honesty and transparency, and reaffirms its commitment to the countryside and society with the motto ” Die feed the future…”

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“Our goal is to get better every day in animal feed and services for farmers and ranchers to make their business more profitable and sustainable,” emphasizes Víctor Rodríguez, Manager of COPASA.


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