Communications and Information Minister confirms temporary blockade to make it more streamlined

block Against Steam, Epic Games, and Dota Two PayPal Scenes are happening in Indonesia and there is a lot of crowd on social media. Minister of Communications and Information Johnny G. Plate insists that the block is only temporary.

“To be more systematic and temporarily blocked,” Johnny told the media in San Francisco during a work trip on Saturday (30/7/2022) Indonesian time.

The government, as Johnny pointed out, is still giving the platform an opportunity by proposing to normalize or deconstruct it. You do this by completing Private Scope PSE Registration.

“If the list will be reopened soon,” Johnny said.

It is regulated in Private Scope Electronic System Operators (PSEs) in PSE Registration PP No. 71/2019 relating to Electronic Systems and Transaction Operators as well as Minister of Communications and Informatics No. 5/2020.

Of the 100 digital platforms with the most traffic in Indonesia to register for the first private scope PSE, only eight are still absent, unless they are blocked by Kominofo. They are Yahoo search engine or search engine, Steam, Dota2, Counter-Strike, Epic Games,, and PayPal.

The same was said by Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Director General of Information Applications (Dirjen Aptika), Ministry of Communications and Informatics. He stressed that this lock is not permanent and will be opened if the conditions regarding PSE rules are fulfilled by the service concerned.

“Yes, the intercept is temporary,” said Director General of Informatics Applications (Dirjen Aptika) of the Ministry of Health cominfo Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Saturday (30/7).


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