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Christmas entails a change in eating routine, which aims at adopting restrictive diets in the first month of the year, which are not only unhealthy but also do not work. For Dr. *Richard Allison, Nutritionist at Herbalife Nutrition, adopting a consistent routine over time is the key to adopting a long-term healthy eating strategy.

According to the European Medical Institute of Obesity, Christmas is one excess in terms of food, and other extravagant snacks, drinks, sweets are added to the normal intake, tipping the scale between 3 and 5 kilos. When the month of January arrives, the objective is to reduce the increased weight as quickly as possible, for which restrictive diets are used, which in addition to being a health hazard do not work and cause the so-called rebound effect Is. Dr. Richard Allison, nutritionist at Herbalife Nutrition, raises the need to adopt healthy eating patterns consistently over time to achieve desired results.

Rushing is usually a bad advice when it comes to losing weight and resorting to restrictive diets is a mistake. By placing your body on calorie restriction, you slow down your work rate and conserve energy. First of all there is a loss of weight, especially the accumulated liquid, later to lose the muscle mass, but the stored fat will not be burned, exactly the same which has to be eliminated quickly. Therefore, in this way there will be weight loss, but also health.

Furthermore, if this restriction persists for a long period of time, the rebound effect is fatal, as the metabolism gets used to working with its new caloric intake and any “extra” will more easily accumulate.

Richard Ellison states, “The healthiest diet is one that includes all the nutrients the body needs to function normally. If that intake is restricted, weight loss does not equal health.” With this adage always present, the nutritionist proposes five small changes in the right direction toward wellness. Changes that should not happen simultaneously. For the expert, the ideal is to focus on each one long enough to incorporate them into the daily routine.

Vegetables, which are not lacking

The basis of a healthy diet is basically the consumption of greens and vegetables, and whenever possible, seasonal. Seasonal products have been grown under the best climatic conditions and are picked when they are fully ripe.

Far from being boring foods, vegetables have many uses and preparations: raw or cooked in salads (grilled, steamed or baked) and mixed with nuts, fruits, turkey, etc. to make them more palatable. Adding chopped vegetables to pasta dishes, substituting broccoli for white rice… it’s all a matter of experimentation.

Protein, the main ally

If the main objective is to lose weight, don’t forget to include protein in a healthy plan. They play an important role in muscle repair and help maintain a satiating effect for longer, which may make you less tempted to reach for high-fat, high-sugar snacks.

Ideally, start by including a source of protein at each meal. And for people who find it difficult to include enough protein in their diet, consuming protein shakes is a good option.

water and more water

Coffee time is undoubtedly the favorite time of day for many people. It’s all too easy to drink endless cups of coffee or tea, especially while working or enjoying a nice get-together with friends.

However, regular consumption of these beverages can lead to low water intake and dehydration. Why not replace your morning cup of caffeine with warm lemon water? A simple change that, in addition to cleansing the body, will have a long-term beneficial effect.

You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise.

To achieve the proposed objectives, in addition to following a balanced diet, a physical exercise routine is needed, adapted to the needs and abilities of each individual.

Have you been stuck in the cycle of years and years of making a goal of going to the gym again and again and it is not being fulfilled? Physical activity doesn’t have to be linked exclusively to the gym. By making just a few small changes on a daily basis, you will find different ways to exercise that, being consistent, will allow you to get in good shape and get the best results: Get off the train or bus one stop earlier to walk the rest of the way ; Park further away from work to walk a few more steps; take the stairs to avoid the lift; or walking for 30 minutes before or after work, it’s the small changes that make all the difference.

be careful with the rationing

Even if the food is healthy, but if you eat too much it can lead to weight gain. Portion control is a seriously under-appreciated concept when it comes to weight management.

Buying pre-portioned products, choosing a smaller plate, not eating directly from food containers, or using only one plate to serve food at a time are little tricks that trick the eye and can Makes it easy to control.

“It is time to dispel the false myth that a balanced diet and an active lifestyle means being on a diet all the time. The important thing is to learn to build a healthy relationship with both food and the body through proper nutrition. Long term,” concluded Allison.

*Richard Allison is Nutritionist at Herbalife Nutrition Headquarters in England, as well as Tottenham Hotspur Women’s Team Nutrition Manager, former Arsenal Football Club Nutrition Manager and British Dietetic Association Registered Dietitian.

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