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Company / The prestigious Spanish Blackboard Academy in Sydney

Company / The prestigious Spanish Blackboard Academy in Sydney

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world based on the number of native speakers. It is a language in constant expansion with great socio-cultural importance, due to which it is increasingly being studied in countries such as Australia. In this way, Spanish classes Sydney are offered to everyone interested in learning this language.

The Spanish Blackboard Academy, founded and directed by Laura Garrido Calpea, has gained notoriety among training centers specializing in learning Spanish in that country. She is an expert with extensive experience, developing revolutionary and innovative methods that streamline the process of teaching the Cervantes language to both children and adults in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Prestigious Spanish Academy in Australia with a Comprehensive Approach

Laura Garrido Calpea is a Spanish professional who arrived in Australia in 2013 with the aim of improving her English level and entering the local labor market as an elementary education teacher. During his stay in Australian territory, he was trained to teach Spanish as a second language through master’s degrees and training courses.

She also completed accreditation courses to become an examiner for the official DELE Spanish exam (Diplomas de Espaol Como Lengasua Extranjera). Upon receiving this support, he worked in private centers and institutions in Sydney, in addition to teaching Spanish classes, on various calls across the country.

With the clear ideal that it was necessary to improve strategies for teaching Spanish as a second language, he created the Spanish Blackboard Academy in 2015. It is a center that redefines language learning in Australia and uses revolutionary technologies specializing in different age groups. Currently, this academy offers private and group classes, classes in companies, and classes in primary, secondary and nursery schools for children and adults.

Revolutionary Method for Learning Spanish in Sydney, Australia

Spanish Blackboard Academy promotes Spanish learning based on fun, informality and innovation. To achieve this, it leverages new technologies and interactive games to develop entertaining classrooms that differ from the traditional structure taught by other centers.

Its revolutionary methodology has gained national recognition as one of the best Spanish schools in that city, according to various local media. In addition, it is on a par with well-established institutions such as the Cervantes Institute in Sydney, as well as the number of students. In this sense, they are expanding their team, which is why they are looking for new Spanish teachers for their headquarters in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

This Spanish learning center has a self-made manual for all its students. They are also recognized for implementing social gatherings such as parties and meet ups at the end of each quarter which serve as ways to consolidate what they have learned. For Spanish Blackboard Academy, emotional bonding is a factor that accelerates the learning process, which is why they seek to create a family atmosphere and provide continuous support to their students.